Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mom's update:

Well, let's try this again. I did not realize my computer was about to die; so after writing a delightful diatribe about our marvelously busy life, it suddenly disappeared.  Motto, check the battery life and save as you go.  UGH!
Saturday, I realized my hair was ridiculously long and frizzy (a fact that you may not know, in 6th grade the boys called me "Bush".  Can you guess why? I think it had to do with my long out of control hair that I wish I had been smart enough to do something with, but alas, that has bee the bain of my existence. Thank goodness I didn't have another bain or I might not have made it through my teen years.  hahaha  (By the way, I compensated for my shortcomings by becoming the best ball player in our middle school. I could outrun, outpitch, and outhit any boy on the field. I was always a captain, and I never let them forget that I was  the champion out there. I had a troubled childhood.  hahaha)  The short of this story is that I found a place that actually cut my hair short enough to look nice. I'm back in business. I had forgotten how humid air frizzes my hair.

Saturday morning we went downtown to see Lake Michigan. Marquette University was having graduation and possibly Univ. of Wisconsin was also. There were a lot of students out parading around in their robes. We drove right through Marquette's campus, which isn't hard to do considering it probably covers half of the downtown area. What isn't covered with a Marquette Bldg. has a Catholic Church or other really big Church built there.

We came out at the end of the city into a residential area overlooking the lake. It was quite a sight, but the water looked cold and uninviting.  The wind off the lake made for cold temps, and I was glad I'd worn a coat. The neighborhood where we landed had these several-million dollar homes that looked like museums. They were well kept up and very beautiful (I'm glad I don't have to keep them clean - they probably pay someone to do it for them). They certainly paid for the scenery, and it appeared they were built in the 1940s, 50s, when Milwaukee was still an industrial marvel. We found a road that would take us along the lake for a mile or so. There is a nice beach, not the white sand we are used to seeing, but fine-looking red sand. There were several groups in picnic areas playing volleyball, and I hoped they were moving enough to keep warm.

We did locate the main Milwaukee Library downtown and made a mental note to return to see what they would have in the way of genealogical resources.

That night, Craig prepared the lesson for the Gospel Principles class on Sunday. It was on the Word of Wisdom, and he did a marvelous job if I do say so myself.  We had a Thai family of investigators that the Hmong missionaries had gotten to come. There were three daughters who all looked really young, but the youngest was 17, then 22 and 30. Their dad came with them. They have been in America for one year and the 22 year old was the only one who could speak pretty good English. It was fun getting to know them. They are such beautiful women.

We had to get to Church early on Sunday because all the missionaries were asked to attend Ward Council. It is amazing how relaxed the meeting is when you are not in charge of anything. Out of all the members that attend our building, almost 75% are coming from other areas to support us. Our Branch President, several medical students and their families, and other leaders are almost all from other areas. It looks like we are losing three of our major families who live in our Branch boundaries. Hard to run a Branch this way. We don't even live in the boundaries.

Sunday night the Sister missionaries who live in our apartment complex came over. They do not attend our Branch. One will be leaving the first week in June. She lives in the Ogden area. They are two hard-working missionaries who love what they are doing. It is a pleasure and honor to work with them.

Yesterday started out nice, but by the afternoon the rain had come into the area again. We spent the morning taking the Sister missionaries to get groceries and to the library for them to write home to their parents. Then we went to eat at Panda Express. I had a box to pick up from the Mission Office, and we went to the Chase Bank here to open an account just so we can get cash when we need it.

The day was over before knew it, and we vowed to get up early today and get out to get some things accomplished.  We did just that. We took off for the Milwaukee Library downtown and talked to someone about volunteering to help once a week in the genealogy library area. We got the name of the person who we will need to talk with officially, and we got information about the Milwaukee genealogy society that meets once a month. Of course, this month we missed the meeting but the next one is on our calendar.

Tonight, we have some calls to make to follow up on some people we've met. We actually went to Sam's on Saturday to check on the lady that brought us breakfast. She said that she actually had a friend or two who also was interested in learning about their genealogy. She was so busy then, but we are going to call her and see if we can set something up.

We are grateful to be here. If you haven't had the chance lately to read President Uchdorpff's talk on gratitude given in this last Conference, do so. When I heard it the first time, I was so touched by the Spirit. When I read it again, I felt the Spirit testifying that what President was saying was true. What are your thoughts?
Take care. We love you.


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