Friday, May 29, 2015

3 Pictures Near the Ancestral Home of the Lenhard Family

Here are 3 screen captures from GoogleEarth from the region around Harsberg Germany (where they went to Church). One is specifically cited as being a rose garden in Schmitshausen where current records indicate the Lenhard line came from.

As I look down on the middle one, I suspect that early Church was somewhere near there.  In fact, the middle image is computer-generated... and those villagers only dreamed of what it might look like from above!


Where they went to Church

Area famous for their roses.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


This is a video of a President Benson talk that I find sobering. Disturbing. Motivating.


Now, because of a recent dream of mine, I ask you in all the tenderness of heart that I can right now...

What would you do differently if you awoke with these words ringing in your mind and heart...words of the Spirit? 

Two simple words. What would you change in your life?


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Georg Jacob Lenhard, born 1762

Today in the Chicago Temple I had the honor of performing the proxy Endowment for a direct ancestor of ours, Georgii Jacobii Lenhard.

Here is an reference to him found online:

"VI.    Georg Jacob LENHARD, Sr., farmer in Harsberg, born ca 1762 in Harsberg, married 1786 in Weselberg, Elisabetha STORCK from
        Zeselberg. The pair had 7 children and lived in Harsberg. His son Johann Adam is the founder of the "younger Harsbergian
        branch" with descendants in Harsberg, Zeselberg and Bildschacherhof. His son Peter is the founder of the "Schmitshausian
        branch" with descendants in Schmitshausen, Reifenberg, Herschberg, Harsberg and Schifferstadt. Some members of this
        branch emmigrated to Canada and descendants live today in USA (Detroit etc.) and Canada. His son Georg Jacob is
        the founder of the "younger Schauerbergian branch" with descendants in Schauerberg, Pirmasens, Waldfischbach, Dahn, Berg,
        Rodalben, Landau, Zweibruecken, Ixheim, Leonberg, Waghaeusel, Dorn-Duerkheim."

Elder Craig Lenhard

A Lenhard family homestead in the region mentioned above:

Monday, May 18, 2015


GO TO 18:40 for a touching ballad written for a friend's recently deceased father. You may need to listen several times to hear all the words (which are below).


I love all of you.


  C   G   C   G   F   Am   G   F


CIt's been a Ggood spell,C far as Gi'd tell,
But Fdarling you must Amknow now GI don't fFeel well.
CHow it's G

goin'C and where it's Ggoin',
We Fnever had an Ameasy wGay of kFnowin'.


CIn my Ammind I Csee my sisAmter,
CIn my Ammind I Chear my mother Gcall me Chome.
I'm in Amneed of no Cmans merAmcy,
CYou just Amtouch my hand and Cwave me Gdown the Croad.  G 


Bring my child here, bring 'em all near,
There's somethin' that I want each one to hear.
That I am goin', I am goin',
But what a thing to have pride in the knowin'.


In my mind I see my sister,
In my mind I hear my mother call me home.
I'm in need of no man's mercy,
You just touch my hand and wave me down the road.


I see a young man, pen in his hand,
He's tryin' to sum the whole show up, but he can't.


play the chorus chords here)


Lookin' back on, all the we've done,
The whole thing seemed to have no rhyme or reason,
Put your shoes on baby, put your dress on,
I think they're linin' up the last dance of the season.

Finish on C.


Monday, May 11, 2015

"It is out of the abundance of the heart that man speaketh," said Brigham Young, "and the man who tells you words of life is the man who can save you."

Prize of Great Worth

"If I were to tell you that in your own back yard you could find an acre of diamonds, would you ignore the suggestion and take no trouble to search? Today, I am telling you that in easy reach there is a prize of inestimable worth. Diamonds can buy one food and shelter. Diamonds can sparkle and glitter. Diamonds can embellish and decorate. But the prize which is within your grasp is more brilliant than jewels. It will not tarnish nor be subject to market trends. I speak of the greatest gift—the gift of eternal life. It may not be obtained through mere wishing; it cannot be purchased with money; hopeful wishing will not bring it, but it is available to men and women the world over. There have been long periods of history when the total truth was not immediately available to the inhabitants of the earth. But in our day, the whole eternal program is here and can carry men to exaltation and eternal life all the way to Godhood."

Spencer W. Kimball, Conference Report, April 1964, pp. 93-99

Sunday, May 10, 2015

At the moment, I am interested in the place of the BEATITUDES in our scriptures... 

In researching the topic today, I ran across these words regarding 
the difference between a joyous family and an agitated one...

"Well, we can find joy in ....the life of the home, which has been spoken of here so beautifully throughout this conference, beginning with that inspirational message from our President.

"I am mindful of the struggle we have to go through to get a home, and then the pride we feel as we come into it, and then the joy of children as they come to bless it. I still think that the birth of a baby surpasses the greatest miracle ever wrought. The joy in the coming of the children, their development, their questions, their affection, their frank disclosures, the privilege we have of living life over again, and then when we get to the stage of grandchildren, where we have all the joys and not quite the full responsibilities, when, after they have worn us or our nerves a little threadbare, we can suggest, that for the children's sake, maybe they ought to be in bed. These are great blessings and great sources of joy.

"Let me give you a homely illustration of the difference between a joyous family and an agitated one. Some people make their lives center in "don'ts" and "mustn'ts" and "can'ts." I often think of the mother who used to say, "Go and see what Billy is doing and tell him to quit." That kind of parent gets into the car and proceeds to tell her children what they cannot do and orders them to be quiet. The wise parent, who has the joy in the association of the children, says, "Let's see how many white horses we can see in the next hundred miles." Perhaps we shall have to change the white horses to red tractors. It is an interest to trace the alphabet on the billboards along the way—good fun to try to work out a complete alphabet. It is fun to find the best signboard along the way or, if you want to, and lean a little to the intellectual side, you can get one of the children's best current books—not the cheap ones that Brother Dilworth [Young] talked about this morning—but one of those beautifully illustrated books now available, and you can sit in the back seat (if you have the kind of driver) and fill in the time that otherwise might drag. That is joy in the making.

"In the home, too, there is the joy of a few good friends—not too many—because you cannot cultivate them—but a few of the friends who will stand by you in all that comes in life. We have such friends—God be praised for them.

"In the language of Shakespeare, "Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel."

Adam S. Bennion, Conference Report, April 1955, pp. 108-112