Sunday, February 21, 2016

087 Tuesday to Tuesday (Dec. 16-22, 2015)

We love to go to the Temple, and we look forward to finding new things each time we go that might deepen our understanding of what we are being taught. Every time we have a new film I learn so much. We went on Wednesday, the 16th, and I really had an epiphany. For the first time, I began to understand what it means for the Temple work to be so symbolic. Why do we dress as we do in the Temple? I’m just guessing that we cover ourselves from head to toe with the Priesthood, and its through the Priesthood that we are able to perform the ordinances needed to return to our Father.

I guess after so many tries, you are left with the best of the lot!  This is sad.
 Our Pathway class is over. On Thursday, we watched over the classes and reviewed what we had learned for the first semester. We started early so they could have food. It was so good. We had a wonderful class, and it was a great way to go out. We will miss this class. We are sad, but it is necessary. The Jepsons will be good, and they are so looking forward to it.

Early in the day, I finished my last proctoring of a test for one of our students from last year. What a great program, and it is from the Lord.

On Friday, we had a wonderful experience with the Salvation Army. We got to go help with families doing Christmas shopping. Last spring we spent time helping this organization pack up all the toys that were left from Christmas 2014. As we went in, Craig got to help out front checking those who came in and directing them to the right places. I think he also got to spend time talking to lots of those who were volunteering. I got to line up with a grocery basket by me and then as a person came in with the paperwork, they checked it and gave it to me to take the person shopping. The paper had listed the number of children and their ages. I did not suggest anything, and some of the mothers (which is all I had) knew exactly what they were looking for as shopping. We were told that they could not ask for anything, but several of the shoppers I saw did just that. There were some who had been there before and were more aggressive in asking for stuff. Most of those I worked with were really sweet, and they were very grateful for what they got. There were some really nice gifts, many contributed by the Marine Corps. 
Signing in to help
Preparing items to be selected

This is a Marine-sponsored activity

While there, Craig had managed to meet one of the last survivors of the Tuskegee Airmen.. He came around and introduced me to him. I don’t remember his name, but he was 91, and you would have thought he was no older than 75-80. What a wonderful man, so humble, yet so strong in his love for this country. He was grateful for what those men were capable of doing. It took 40 years for our country to recognize their contribution and give them the medals they deserved.

What a nice guy!
One of the other men Craig introduced me to was a member from the Kenosha Ward who was a Marine and who was helping with the shopping experience. This was such a great program. We are proud of our work with the Salvation Army.
Elder from Kenosha and a Marine to boot!  hahaha
On Sunday, we had a great Sunday program, and then that afternoon, we went to Racine and fed the homeless like we did earlier in the year. It was a little better organized this year, and we so enjoyed it. I was touched by one woman who told me that she was not happy that it was Christmas time because she would be all alone. I felt for her. 
Elder and Sister Smith Helping

Elder Jepson Getting Ready

I'm Mixing Lemonade

Getting food ready to serve

Socks appear to be a necessity

Monday found us at our final dental appointment in Wisconsin. The dental hygienist is one I won’t miss. She loves to tell me that I never clean my teeth correctly. I brush those little boogers 2-3 times a day, use picks (not as much with the flossing which she hates), and am always using mouthwash. Evidently, I’m not very good at this. It always feels so good when she is finished, but it hurts.

We went by the Mission Office to pick up packages for Christmas, and we left them for Christmas. We also had to take a box to the Post Office where I was returning two skirts I had bought from a new company called She Traveled – started by returned missionaries for sister missionaries. Both were two big; one I didn’t like. So I returned both and asked that one be returned to me at a smaller size – love that!!!!

Tuesday, we were off to the Temple because our District Meeting had been changed to Wednesday at the last minute because it was going to be a Christmas meeting. We were sad that we would miss it on Wednesday because we were involved in the Salvation Army getting ready for the Christmas dinner to be held on the 25th. So we were off to the Temple and had to get back so that I could get a haircut that evening. It was another wonderful opportunity to strengthen our testimonies of the Temple.
I'd say this one is better than last time.
Have I said how much I love Christmas. We have been so busy this month that it is hard to believe that Christmas is here already. I love it.

Our Scripture for December:  Alma 32:41

But if ye will nourish the word, yea, nourish the tree as it beginneth to grow, 
by your faith with great diligence, and with patience, looking forward to the 
fruit thereof, it shall take root; and behold it shall be a tree springing up 
unto everlasting life

Elder and Sister Lenhard

Saturday, February 20, 2016

086 Tuesday to Tuesday (Dec. 9-15, 2015)

Starting off another wonderful week. We are out of our busy time when we feel really needed, and we now have to find things to keep us working. The more we work, the faster the time goes. Besides, we love to have stuff to do.

On Wednesday, we went to the Temple and took a sister from the Ward with us. Sister Diane Bridges is from Guayana. Actually, her family is from there, but she has lived in the U.S. all her life. She is a cute little woman, and I have to say that I misjudged her and figured she was a sweet black woman. On the way to the Temple, I found that she was a paralegal and had finished an MBA from a local college. She is really a nice person. She was set to have a job interview the next week. She had lost her job with a temp agency as a paralegal because the agency had lost a billion dollar suit in California and layoffs were held throughout the country. She has an older daughter in college who is a straight A student and a freshman in high school who could care less about school. He is a good looking young man who plays football, basketball, and track. He is not as interested in Church as his mother would like, but she continues to love and work with him. He is a good young man, just looking for what young men look for when they don’t have a close friend at Church.  
I liked this picture

Going to Temple with Diane Bridges and did Sealings only

Anyway, we went to the Temple and did Sealings. She has been doing initiatories forever with her mother who lives in Lacrosse, WI. She hasn’t done Sealings in forever, so we got to do something new for heer this time. We had taken our family names and were able to do quite a few Sealings of husband and wives and children to parents. What a fun activity. It is so nice to see these Sealings done. I had one that I had reserved from 2014. If I didn’t get it done, it would be removed from my reserved list. After our work was done, we helped with some other people’s work also. It was wonderful.  We had started later in the day, so it was later when we started home. We stopped at the Oasis (where we can get our easy toll pass and eat from several restaurant). I like to get Panda Garden from there while Craig usually goes Taco Bell. Neither one good for us, but it’s easy to get after being at the Temple. So we stopped there, ate, and got to know Diana better. She had interviewed for a job on Tuesday, and she had come to the Temple to ask for the Lord to help her get a job. We are praying for her.

On Thursday, we had two sets of apartments to inspect. Later that day we had Pathway. It was the last class that would be taught by the students. The last class is taught by us.

Friday, I had a to proctor a test that morning. We were scheduled for 10:00; however, earlier in the week we were notified that we would have a Zone Conference from 10-4. I called the girl with the test, and she rescheduled to 8:00. She finished up in time for us to get to the Zone Conference. The Lord really helps when we need it. The Zone Conference was really good. 

It was a rainy day, but that afternoon we were scheduled to go with the Armstrongs to see Christmas lights in Miller Valley (yes, we are talking about Miller Beer territory). We went to Baker’s Square first to eat (the Armstrongs have a son who works there).  I got fish (which wasn’t all that good). They have the best pie in the area. We went to Miller Valley (an area that we hadn’t been in before). It was a great light show; we tried to use pictures that blocked out the Miller name.hahaha  It was late by the time we got home, but it had been a full day.
Frederick Miller Plankroad Brewery Welcome Center

Welcome to Miller Valley
Lights on the Trees

Crowds Growing

More Lights

On Saturday, we had another test to proctor and got it started at 8:30. It went quickly and then we went home to change and go to the gym. There was going to be a gym party that afternoon because the old management had sold out to some new people, and it was a get to know you kind of thing. We wanted to go early enough that we could work out before-hand.  We stayed around long enough to get a few refreshments; I took a photo of Craig and a couple of the men he talks to more than exercises with at the gym. 

That evening we went to the Norway House to buy a troll that a woman had told me she had left over from some figures she had for sale at the Scandavian Festival. She had told me that she would have it available, and she told me it would be $8. One other time we had tried to meet up, but we couldn’t. When I got to her this time, she charged me $10. When I saw it, it wasn’t what I expected, and it wasn’t worth $10. I wish I had the guts to say at the time that I wasn’t interested in the one I got. Oh, well, she was a sweet little old woman.
Looks a litte devilish

This one is happy

One of my favorites

My other favorite

On Sunday, we had the most beautiful Christmas program in Church that we’ve ever set through. There were 6-7 violenists, 2 cello players, 2 flutists, and a whole choir. It was so beautiful. For one song, a little girl came up front and sang the beginning of the song, Still, still, still, then the choir took over and at the end the little girl sang the last few lines. It was so still in the Chapel, you could feel the Spirit so sweetly. Afterwards, that music stayed with us all day. It was haunting.

Monday brought us to laundry, a shoulder x-ray, and hunting tubagrip. My left shoulder has been hurting me for a long. I have wondered what in the world is wrong with it. I just felt like I had hurt it carrying a lot of heavy stuff. I have tried to not carry stuff, sleep on it the right way – no pillows, keep heat on it, use Deep Blue, you name it. I’ve tried everything. I finally went to the doctors because I don’t have much time here and I’m not sure if I have enough time left to do it right.. I have some money built up in my insurance account, and I want to use it before they put me on Medicare next year. Anyway, the insurance company wouldn’t let me have an MRI until I have an xray and physical therapy. The doctor said that it sounded like a torn rotator cuff and an xray won’t show that. But I had to have it anyway. Now we will see what happens.

Later that day we used a Groupon to have lunch at a place (Silverspring House) in Glendale. I should have gotten a burger but I got ribs. Next time (if there is one), I’ll have a burger. 
Can't find our original, so had to look everywhere for this image of Silverspring House
On Tuesday we did not get to the District Meeting because Craig had an outpatient surgery on his artery on the left side of his head. It is right before the ear, and they were going to take a small piece of the artery to see if there was an abscess in the artery that might be causing his headaches. He was out for the day afterwards. We left the hospital and headed to the pharmacy for some pain medication and then got him home. It rained all day so it was good we stayed in the apartment.
Pretty good size scar (can hardly see it now) for his surgery

Our Scripture for December:  Alma 32:41

But if ye will nourish the word, yea, nourish the tree as it beginneth to grow, 
by your faith with great diligence, and with patience, looking forward to the 
fruit thereof, it shall take root; and behold it shall be a tree springing up 
unto everlasting life

Elder and Sister Lenhard

085 Tuesday to Tuesday (Dec. 2-8, 2015)

May I just say how much I love Christmas? I love Hallmark Christmas movies, I love blue Christmas lights, candy making, the smell of Christmas trees, wreaths on the door, lights everywhere, special foods, friends to share with, music, music, music, Santas, and so much more. I believe the thing that is the most special for me though is hearing the Christmas story. I get so emotional when the story is presented. I am so touched by anything the Church puts out about it. Each year I think they have outdone themselves and they won’t be able to do it next year, but they do. The Christmas video was so beautiful, and I was so touched by it. On this night, we had FHE with the Armstrongs and showed them the video. I felt the Spirit, and I hope they did also. It is hard to tell if Virginia is there with you, but I believe that she is.

In my Scriptures, I read that Lamoni and Anti-Nephi-Lehi were brothers. Did you know there was a person with that name? If I did, I sure didn’t remember it. It’s amazing what I learn when I pay attention. 

On the 3rd, we had Pathway. Only two more classes after this one. The Jepsons (the Office Missionaries) will be taking over Pathway when we start back. We decided that it would be best if they have the whole semester rather than come in after we left. I feel kind of sad that this will happen, but we realize it is for the best. We truly have a testimony of this program, and we are looking forward to good things for it in the future. Maybe Craig and I can be instructors for a class?????
Elder and Sister Jepson, 15 Oct 15
On Friday, we went to the Temple. It was a wonderful experience and helped me remember the covenants and promised blessings associated with it. We are doing endowments for those whose initiatories we completed last month.
Beautiful day for the Temple, 4 Dec 2015

 My reading for Saturday showed me that the Anti-Nephi-Lehis did not stay always in the land of Jershon. They actually left and I believe it was because the Nephite army needed the land to meet the Lamanites who were coming. The Anti-Nephi-Lehis had been moved to a safe land away from the Lamanites.

I had to make a casserole that day to take to the Church that evening to donate to a shelter that needed food that could be frozen and given to people who came to the shelter. I had bought a chicken pot pie. It was beautiful until I messed it up moving it (not being frozen, it went sideways in the pan). I had to move it to another pan anyway, so I took off the top pastry covering, tried to slip it into another pan, and replaced the pastry. Not too bad, but maybe not the best. I hope it was ok when they got it.

At 4:00 we had our Christmas party. We had especially invited Meta Thompson and her husband Chris Johnson (don’t know why she doesn’t go by Johnson). She is in our Pathway group, and we wanted her husband to meet other members in the Ward. Lots of people came up and introduced themselves. He is a biochemistry lab director at UWM so several of our members (who are doctors in the making) got along well with him. After a while though it was obvious that he was overwhelmed, and they had to go home. She is a beautiful person and was inactive for 5 years before coming back with Pathway. Her brother in Madison had taken the program and encouraged her to do so. She has told her husband how much she loves Pathway and how much she loves coming to Church. She sits with us every Sunday. 
Meta Thompson Johnson, Such a Sweet Person in Pathway

Sunday we had an Elder Scott (one of the 70) from Chicago come to our Stake. He met with Meta and with Virginia Armstrong. Don’t know what he said, but he was marvelous at our meetings. Keeping the Sabbath Day holy was his message. He told us that the Brethren in Salt Lake had stated that they have never seen this country go south as fast as it is going. They have felt strongly impressed to tell the people to keep the Sabbath Day holy in order to thwart the adversary. That’s why the message is being spread throughout the Church.

That night we had the Christmas Devotional. We were able to stay at home and listen to it. They had no plans to show it at the Chapel, but I think some people got a movement going to say that it should be shown there, some did not have any other means to see it.

On Monday, we were invited to a luncheon with the Milwaukee County Genealogical Society at the home of one of their leaders, Arlene Brachman. I can’t remember her name at the moment, but I thought she was a member of the Church. I can unequivocally tell you now that she is not. Especially not after witnessing her desire to drink all the champange before anyone else realized what she had. There was a man who sat by her whose express job was to keep her glass full. She is very smart, and from the looks of her home, she has traveled extensively. She is very sarcastic and funny. Her home is full of antiques. She has lovely family pictures on the wall in very ornate or just nice frames. Some of them aren’t her family, but she picked them up at antique shops because she liked them. We enjoyed the with those we have worked with for a couple of years. We told them how much they had blessed our lives and how much we appreciated them helping us and encouraging us to come work with them.  They are good people who know not the Gospel. We try to put in our two-cents worth every chance we could, and maybe someday it will produce fruit. We feel they were left with a good impression of the members of the Church. We told them that we hope there will be others who will come and help them this next year.
Arlene's Home in Bayside, WI
Beautiful antiques everywhere

Good friends
Screened-in back porch

On Tuesday, we had no District Conference because of a Zone Conference on Friday. So we went to the gym, got some stuff packed up and mailed home (Halloween stuff), and Craig had to get his hair cut. I took care of the laundry also that day. Believe me when I say how much I hate to do the garbage.

Our Scripture for December:  Alma 32:41

But if ye will nourish the word, yea, nourish the tree as it beginneth to 
grow, by your faith with great diligence, and with patience, looking forward 
to the fruit thereof, it shall take root; and behold it shall be a tree springing 
up unto everlasting life

Elder and Sister Lenhard