Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Georg Jacob Lenhard, born 1762

Today in the Chicago Temple I had the honor of performing the proxy Endowment for a direct ancestor of ours, Georgii Jacobii Lenhard.

Here is an reference to him found online:

"VI.    Georg Jacob LENHARD, Sr., farmer in Harsberg, born ca 1762 in Harsberg, married 1786 in Weselberg, Elisabetha STORCK from
        Zeselberg. The pair had 7 children and lived in Harsberg. His son Johann Adam is the founder of the "younger Harsbergian
        branch" with descendants in Harsberg, Zeselberg and Bildschacherhof. His son Peter is the founder of the "Schmitshausian
        branch" with descendants in Schmitshausen, Reifenberg, Herschberg, Harsberg and Schifferstadt. Some members of this
        branch emmigrated to Canada and descendants live today in USA (Detroit etc.) and Canada. His son Georg Jacob is
        the founder of the "younger Schauerbergian branch" with descendants in Schauerberg, Pirmasens, Waldfischbach, Dahn, Berg,
        Rodalben, Landau, Zweibruecken, Ixheim, Leonberg, Waghaeusel, Dorn-Duerkheim."

Elder Craig Lenhard

A Lenhard family homestead in the region mentioned above:

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