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051 Tuesday to Tuesday (April 8-14, 2015)

One of the favorite things we get to do is to go to the MPAFUG meeting on the second Wednesday of the month to gain greater insight into how to do genealogy and to meet the people who have similar interests. It is a real opportunity to mingle with others and to tell them about our interest in Family History. This night was a special one because we had a nonmember named Tony come to the meeting. We had met him at our gym, and he is a photographer. He’s really big and so jovial. We encouraged him to come and learn about what the group is all about, and we hope we can help him in the genealogy library at the Church. He met one of the Senior Missionary couples there who are interested in photography, and they along with Craig want to go take pictures. There is an opportunity in May to go photograph birds.

On May 9, we had an opportunity to inspect three sets of missionary apartments. They were held by the Spanish missionaries and were all in the same area. It was fun to visit with the missionaries, help them get an idea of what they need to do (and their apartments were pretty clean but in need of some work), and to find out what needs they might have. It is hard to convince them that we really are their friends and not there to make them feel bad. The day was cool, rainy, and misty. Not the kind of day we wanted to be out in, but we made it.

We held our last Pathway class. The students had to report on a book they had read that pertained to some economic ideas – Rich Man, Poor Man – is an example. The students had a group of books to choose from, and then they had to relate the teachings in each book to the Gospel. What a class. Everyone did such a good job. They bore such beautiful testimonies about how the Gospel was supported by the ideas received from the book each had read. It was amazing. When they finished, all I could say was amen and amen. These people are absolutely the type of people that you would want on your side when you needed spiritual strength. We are so blessed to be a part of the Pathway program. Afterwards, we had a party, laughed a lot – relief from the stress of having finished the math semester – and on to a week of relaxation. 

Earlier in the week we found out there was a new Senior Missionary couple who had come to Milwaukee. They had been sent to Chicago, but for some unknown reason they came here. Even President Cutler was surprised when he must have gotten a call from the Mission President down there. They called us, and we asked them out for dinner on Friday night. We were very impressed with Elder and Sister Smith. He is upper management for HP and travels all over the world. He and his wife want a proselyting mission. You can tell he is quite the leader. President Cutler suggested that they might want to help us with the festivals. We will look forward to working with them.

The sub we toured
On Saturday we actually went on a road trip to Manitowac to see the Maritime Museum. They have a submarine that was used in WWII that was not comfortable at all to get through. Each hatch that we had to go through had the bottom of the doorway at least 2.5 feet up. So we had to climb over them to get from one area to another. If we had been in a race to get from one end to another, we would have lost. It was interesting, but I would have been claustrophobic on a ship like that, no extra space at all. The museum was delightful. We enjoyed seeing a history of the lakes, the different types of ships manufactured in Wisconsin, those that were lost in the lakes, and those that made such an impact on this area. Fun, fun.
Manitowoc Submarines Info

Map showing ways ships left Wisconsin for the Ocean.
Sunday was a treat. We went to Elkhorn to talk to the members there about family history and what is being done with getting their new members to the Temple. These are such good people. I have to say I have never been in a Relief Society like theirs. The Elder’s Quorum was going to have a target shooting activity the next Saturday. The sisters wanted to know if they could go. Evidently, nearly every sister there had a gun, and they knew how to use it. I had to laugh! I told them that I’d never been in a Relief Society where the women wanted to shoot guns.  Hahaha
Scenery on way to Elkhorn

On Monday, we spent time running around picking up donations from members who are moving and to get them to Denise. She needed a microwave, curtains, rugs, etc. Unfortunately, after picking them up, she wasn’t home to have us drop them off. Again, another week without being able to see her. We are worried, but we can’t break down that door. Hopefully, it won’t last for ever.

I also talked with someone about long-term insurance. There is a group that represents retirees in Georgia who offers various types of benefits for us. I asked for information and will see what it costs. We did get our taxes done and evidently we are in a situation where we do not owe taxes anymore.  Hahaha I like that.

Tuesday found me being contacted by my health insurance regarding “my health.” I have a life coach who checks in to see if I’m choosing healthy alternatives in my life. I have to do this in order to get certain credits that will be used before my deductible. I realized that next year I will be on Medicare. When did I get so old. This is unbelievable. I guess I should be grateful that I’ve lived this long. When I hear someone has died who is younger than I am, I do marvel that I’m still here. Gotta take care.

Well, another week has gone. Our scripture for this month is 2 Nephi 11:5
     And also my soul delighteth in the covenants of the Lord which he hath made to our fathers;
     yea, my soul delighteth in his grace, and in his justice, and power, and mercy in the great 
     and eternal plan of deliverance from death.
Elder and Sister Lenhard

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