Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happenings with Mom and Dad Sunday (5/11) - Wednesday (5/13)...

It seems like I've just written, but I guess I haven't from the view I got on the blog. Lots of stuff happens in a few days, but I think I have this under control tonight.

Sunday was another wonderful Sabbath. As Mother's day, I especially loved it because Craig had to do my dishes, but I enjoyed the sweet spirit present at our Church meetings. We were asked to teach the Gospel Principles class (the one I've taught for the last 4-5 years), and we had to laugh about that. It is a great class, but we were asked to do it by the Missionary Leader. The Elders had been teaching it, and I think they were hurt when we told them we had been asked. I don't like taking away something the Elders really like to do. We met with the class for the first time, and there are only three who attend. They are great people.

On Monday, we got to participate in a lesson with a man who most likely has autism or asperger's. He is really smart and is going to be baptized on Saturday. When we asked if we could come, he told us he just wanted the Missionaries. We totally understand that. We didn't even have a reason for wanting to be private so we did not invite anyone to ours. I'm sure those Missionaries wondered what in the world they had done in teaching us.  
Anyway, he has hitchhiked out to SLC twice to see General Conference. He lives in a group home and rides his bike everywhere. He won't take clothes from anyone, and on Monday night when he got to the Church, it was cold and rainy. There he was on his bike. He was offered a ride home, but he wouldn't take it. We were there before anyone else, and we offered to let him sit in the car with us, but he wouldn't have any part of that either. When he was taught the lesson, he clearly knew what he was doing. He had the answers. What a nice spirit he had.

Yesterday, Tuesday, we had our District meeting. Again, I was so impressed with a young man just barely 19 (and he may not be that old yet), up conducting the meeting, using the Spirit to teach us. He is a good leader and the Lord will have many things yet for him to do in this life. We studied the talk given by Elder Ballard on Following Up. Remember to use the full name of the Church so that people will know who we are. We can use the nickname, Mormon, when we talk about specific aspects of the Church, like the Mormon pioneers, etc. We get lazy and confuse people when we don't use the name, and they don't equate the nickname to the real name.
Elder Ballard also encouraged us to introduce others to the Gospel. If they don't accept it, that is their right. We will never force anyone to join. But, as the Scriptures state, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ. It is hard for them to do so, if they haven't been taught. He says that we should invite someone to Church activities quarterly. So get busy!  hahaha  We are learning that there are many out there that are looking for something that will strengthen them in hard times. There are certainly enough hard times to go around, so why not seek out those who are looking for help. We pray that everyday we will have missionary opportunities and to recognize them when they come. They happen. We all know that Craig can open his mouth and talk to anyone. It truly is a gift. He can reach out faster than anyone I have ever known. It makes having him for my companion an extra plus. I don't have to be the one to always get to know a stranger first.  hahaha

Today, I've worked some on finding some genealogy sources that we can possibly use in our Polish Festival coming up in June. We will be showing people how to use Family Search and other resources for genealogy. Yeah, my favorite hobby. Tonight I spent time scanning in pictures I brought with us to work on when we are home at night. Finally, got photoshop installed correctly and am hoping to get more of the pictures in that we brought.

Tonight, we went to a meeting with the Elders as the taught a lady who lives alone for now. She doesn't have her children with her at this time, but she is hoping to continue to clean up her life so she can get them back. Her mother died in December, and it made such a hole in her heart. She promised the Lord that if He would just let her know that her other was alright, she would get her life together. She had a dream (which she doesn't really remember very well) that her mother was ok, and even thought she can't remember the circumstances, she awoke feeling a peace she hasn't felt in a long time. We will continue to work with the Elders as they teach her.
We received a lovely photo album today. It warranted a place on our coffee table.  hahaha  Now, between that album and our picture frame showing family pictures, it will be a constant reminder that we have a great family who is rooting for us here. McKay wrote and said that he wanted to come to Wisconsin on his mission. That was the sweetest thing he could have said. I hope he does.

We love you all. May the week be even greater. I've heard that Columbus is laying off teachers next year (those who are in areas they don't need or have too many of, those who aren't teaching in their area, and those with 3 or less years of experience). Wow, I'm so glad I'm not in that still. The Lord does bless us tremendously.


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