Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Monday's adventures...

Got up early today because we have our first District meeting where we meet with the Elders and Sisters in our group or Zone. We meet every Tuesday. Some of this I'm explaining for Ada who may not know what it means. Hope you don't mind Ada while I ramble on.
I decided to make some brownies for after the meeting. I had told them I would bring cookies, but brownies were so much easier. 

We were to meet at 12:30 (30 minutes earlier than the real meeting would start) so that we  could have 30 minutes of study time. We have three sets of Elders, one set of Sisters, and us old people. The young ones are so much fun, and they are on fire. When all had arrived, we began with a song and prayer. We have an 18, almost 19, year old who is the District Leader. His name is Elder Crandall, and he looks so young. His companion is Elder Santos and together they make a good team. We have the Hmong (pronounced mong) Elders who are Elder Lee and Elder Vang. They were explaining today that one is adopted by his birth father's first wife in a refugee camp in Laos when he was 5. The other grew up in Oklahoma where there are several Hmong people. They don't actually have a country that they can say they come from because their people have often been on the run from one ruling group or another. They may have started in Siberia, then to Vietnam, Laos, area where they worked with the Americans against the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. When the Americans left, they were on the run because they were targeted by the enemy. Then there are the really young Elder Wheeler and Elder Hansen (whose family by the way has a business in Clearfield where Adam is the City Manager). What are the odds? The sisters are Sister Clawson and Sister Griffin. Our lesson today was on the importance of Family History and teaching others the importance of family. I can see in these young people the beginnings of a desire to explore their families. 
We are a little scared about the area where the Church is located. There is a security guard that paroles the parking lot on Sunday. We parked right next to the Church today, and in the front so if anyone wanted our car, it would be right out where all could see. I don't really know how that could possibly keep a burglar away, but it was ok.
Our meeting lasted for two hours. It was very uplifting, and we felt the Spirit there with these young missionaries. Each set reported that they had one or two people goaled for baptism by the end of the month. As we heard them report, we were so excited by the work they are doing. There are so many good people here who are hungry for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We love it. 
Our GPS appears to be taking us here, there, and beyond. I don't think we can go and return the same way twice. Today, the Elders told us that I am not to carry a pocketbook, no cash, no credit cards, nothing. Craig should not have a wallet. Our licenses can stay in the car, and after dark, we had better be far away from the area. The police have warned them to get out of there by sundown. We had  been asked by a member to go see his brother who has lost the faith. The member is a policeman, and we talked to him before we went to get some particulars. We did not understand that his brother is a member who has stopped coming to Church, but when we talked with the Elders, they had also had this referral. We went by the house, down the one-way streets into areas with lots of young men prowling around looking for something to do. It was uncomfortable. Of course, I had my big purse, and I considered leaving it in the car, but decided I really need my car whole. I then considered leaving it in the trunk, but then everyone would see I was doing that. I sauntered up to that house with Craig, and we rang the bell and knocked, but to no avail. Guess we will be trying again at other daylight hours.
It was almost 5:00 when we got home, so I actually cooked (ladies, do you hear me?) an enchilada casserole (I already had the meat ready), and it was so good because it tasted like the way real Mexican food should taste. It is good American Mexican, cooked the Linda way.  hahahaha  If Mexico could just get their cooks to make it like mine, I could really enjoy eating their food.  The same with China. If China cooks would just cook more like us, their food would be great!  Oh, well.  Another day for that rant.
I have to get in touch with the person who is working on a genealogy project to be done at a Polish Fair in early June. We are going to have computers set up and show people how to find their families. Did you know that genealogy is the fastest growing hobby in the world. I can tell you why. It is just plain interesting and so enjoyable. There is something so satisfying when you can put names to the families. If you are really lucky, you can also get pictures..
Craig is getting his computer set up tonight. He fixed his desk last night and we got it set up in the bedroom. We have really big closets for both of us, so we put our dressers in there. I still have to get some curtains, but we are beginning to settle in. Yesterday, I did find a woman who trimmed my hair, and I like her. Now, if I can find someone to do my manicure and pedicure, I will be in lala land.
Adam and Belinda skyped us last night. Who will be next?
We love you all.

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