Monday, May 5, 2014

A quick note from Mom and Dad, and several pictures!

Our address is
9627 West National Ave., #7
West Allis, WI. 53227

Haha. At least I've learned that -finally.

 Ada (Mom's sister) with two of her grandbabies

 "Building the kingdom"

 The city branch District Leaders, Elder Santos from Phoenix AZ and Elder Crandall from American Fork Utah

 At the Nauvoo Hotel

 Sign at the Nauvoo Hotel

 In the Milwaukee branch chapel, and some info from Dad:

We live outside the city in West Allis and it is so beautiful here. Our tiny apartment is cozy. People are very friendly. The Wisconsin frozen custard is delicious!
This is a picture of the interior of our Church building here in the inner city. It was built by German Saints in1933 and dedicated by Heber J. Grant. It has a fireplace! Meetings were preached in German until 1970.
There are several gangs in the inner city. An African member from Senegal was mugged at gunpoint yesterday and simply said: "In the name of Jesus Christ, you need to go now. I have no money...I have nothing." The mugger left. (I believe the member had plenty!)
Be good and keep us posted on your blessed lives. We miss you.
These are the last days.
Elder Craig Lenhard
PS Lindsey Sterling is performing downtown on June 5th!

 At the Nauvoo House

 Another shot of the Nauvoo House

 Welcome to Wisconsin!

Sister and Elder Lenhard outside the City Branch in Milwaukee

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