Tuesday, July 28, 2015

064 Tuesday to Tuesday (July 8-14, 2015)

So festival time is here for sure. We are heading things up as we begin working with the Milwaukee Genealogical Society. These are good people, and we enjoy working with them.

We love this time of year. The weather is beautiful, and it is fun to get outside. That was good for the 8th when we started the day for our Mission President interview early in the morning. We had to meet at the Mission Office, so we had to wait our turn. We had a good meeting, and then headed home to get ready to head down to Bastille Days to check out if it would be possible for the genealogical society to set up a booth at the festival. This festival was going to be held in the streets downtown close to the water.  When we got down there and found a parking place, we headed to the area where the festival would be held on the weekend. We met a security guy there who had worked security for the Utah Olympics. He mentioned that he once locked Romney out of his office. He said he really enjoyed the work. We were told that to work at the festival, you have to sign up in January. There is a fee, of course.

After we left the festival area (where they were setting up), we visited St. John's Cathedral. We enjoy visiting these old churches. Most are so beautiful. 
Side of Church
Can you see the odd candelabra?

It looks like a baptismal font in front here.

Then we walked toward the lake to see what we could see.
Pink spa and manicure house.
Unsure what this building is!

Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center

That night we ended with a meeting of the MPAFUG. These guys are fabulous. We love working with them. This was the last meeting the Carters will attend. They will be leaving in August to go home near Manti. We hate to see them go; they have been good friends. We are going to try to send a tub home with them. They have a huge truck, and they will be going to Alabama to pick up a trailer from their daughter.  They will come back here for a couple of weeks, and then they will head out. Two weeks later another couple, the Linsleys will leave. They live in Ogden. If the Carters can take the tub, the Linsleys will help us get the tub home. 

Thursday brought with us the time to celebrate our oldest daughter’s 40th birthday. I looked at pictures that were posted of her around that time, and I have to admit that she doesn’t look 40. I guess time is relative. Some days I feel like I look 70, and others I feel like 40. To me, 40 is young. I’m guessing that others look at Craig and myself and wonder how we are still alive. We are old!  Hahaha  We are grateful for our baby, and she will always be our baby.

Daddy and baby Amy at the hospital.


What better way to spend Amy’s birthday than to go to the Temple with Victor. It is his first time, and he took his parents, grandparents, and ggrandparents’ names to do the work for them. I was baptized for the sisters, and I included some of our own family names. He was baptized for the males, and Craig did the baptizing. When they set me apart for the sisters, I felt such a sweet feeling that led me to believe the sisters would accept the work. He was so cute, and he got emotional when I recounted my experience to him. He loved having pictures taken of him and the Temple. I hope he can keep these feelings alive.
Cute little man!

Angel Moroni in the background

On Friday (10th), I had been told to call the Golda Meier Library to see if they have plat maps for the areas where my family came from in VA, NC, and TN. They have one of the largest map collections in the US. Of course, they had nothing for my areas. We attended Bastille Days in the afternoon. We were disappointed. There was nothing but clothing, homemade jewelry, and food (mostly American).  We didn’t feel that genealogy would be a good fit for that festival. We told the woman at the Milwaukee group so she can make that decision. We won’t be here.
Fun sign
Picture statue - only moved when pointing to money bucket!

Dancing monkey puppets

Craig's favorite part - the band
Cow hides for sale!


On Saturday, we had to get haircuts early in the day.  Afterwards, we got change to do the laundry. When we to get this chore done, we can’t go anywhere. What a pain!

That evening we went to a German Restaurant downtown. We love to go to eat if we have groupons. It was a classy place, and we enjoyed the atmosphere.  Craig ate goose for the first time, and I don’t remember what I ate, wouldn’t you know. I do remember thinking that it was good.  Haha
We visited two different Church meetings on Sunday to make sure we made announcements in Relief Society and Priesthood in the North Stake on Pathway. It was a long day, and there were some great talks. That evening we picked up Victor and took him to his Stake building to get his Patriarchal Blessing. Afterwards, he would not talk about it, and the Patriarch said he wasn’t sure how Victor would take it. He counseled Victor to be open and listen to his leaders.

Monday found us getting up early enough to go to the gym.  Craig worked on a report he was supposed to finish for the lady over German Fest. It was from our meeting with the Siladi’s. While he did that I spent time uploading pictures for the blog that was completed last. It takes forever to upload 100s of pictures. I hate doing it..

Finally, on Tuesday, I had some business to do, and we had to send pictures to the Mission Office and Sister Cutler, President’s wife.  They use pictures for the history of the mission, and we had lots of pictures we hadn’t submitted. Ugh, I hate doing work with pictures.

Later in the day, we had district meeting that lasted the afternoon. We were spiritually fed. These young men have such great leadership. Our district leader is the same one we had when we first got here. Elder Crandall will be leaving at the next transfer. He is a good Elder, and he has grown so much since we last worked with him. We really like him.

Our scripture for July is D&C 121:45:

          Let thy bowels also be full of charity towards all men, and to the household of faith,
          and let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly; then shall thy confidence wax strong
          in the presence of God; and the doctrine of the priesthood shall distil upon thy soul as
          the dews from heaven.

Elder and Sister Lenhard

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