Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We started our trip from our home in Utah with lots of tears. I know it is supposed to get easier when we grow up and leave home (lots of times) .  However, it doesn't.  We love our family.

I think an MTC rule that we should be reminded of is to practice your packing of the car before you actually decide on how to do it. I packed the car Sunday evening into the night.  Went to bed finally recognizing the fact that some things would have to come back into the house. So, back came the fan, the bread maker, and the humidifier.  Oh, well. they weren't really needed anyway.  sob, sob, sob.  No really, once I realized that we didn't have room for them, it was easy to let them go. They'll be there when we need them later.

We drove around Layton for about 20 minutes trying to find our way out.  hahaha  We figured we should see as much as possible before we left. Actually, we thought we knew where we were going - guess not!

Once we got on the road out heading north, it was a really nice drive. Starting at 8:45, we began our Missionary journey.  We had some interesting things to see.  I did miss every sign I wanted to take a picture of as we would enter a new state.  What happened to those signs that would tell you you are coming up on the new state. Craig seems to think he can get them from Google Earth.

Once we saw (in the distance) lots of dirt blowing around. It was a druck driving down a dirt road; so, when we came up on another area where there was a lot of dirt blowing around in a field, we coudn't really see what it was at first. Then we saw what looked like hundreds of sheep, all lined up in 4 or more lines, one right after the other, walking toward the watering hole. It was an incredible sight.

We loved the scenery in Utah as we headed toward Wyoming.  It is so stark and beautiful. We began to see some prong-horn antelope here and there.  It was fun watching for "wild" animals on the trip, and we continued to see them over and over.  There was hardly any vegetation, few trees, and just the scraggly brush everywhere.  When we hit Medicine Bow River, suddenly the trees appeared.  What a contrast in the environment.  Once the trees started, it was really pretty.

We stopped at one rest stop to get gas and buy a treat.  While there a man came up to us and asked us where we were going to be serving (we had on our badges). His name was Brimhall, and he and his wife were on their way to Palmyra for their fourth mission. It was fun meeting a member and one who was also going on their mission.

While Craig was there, a young woman who was at the register, looked so sad. Craig asked her some questions and found she was really unhappy here. She thought Americans would be friendlier than those she has found. Craig's regret was that he had no pass along cards.  Note to Linda and Craig: Get some cards and be ready when we meet non-members.

Our biggest news is that we were called by the Mission Home. We will be living in a Milwarkee, surburb  call West Allis. Our apartment is in a set of apartments called the French Quarters. Our apartment will be #7 on the bottom floor. Craig thinks the apartments are for senior citizens.  We are on the bus route and 2 blocks from the zoo.  We have a heated underground parking space, but no hook-ups for washer and driver. I worry that there is no dishwasher. I can handle that if my parking space is heated. The place is only 650 sq. ft. That is really small. Less space to dust. hahaha  I'll send the address when I can find it.

We are at Mallory's today.  They signed the papers for their house, and we packed and got lots of boxes over to the house. We are tired and plan to get more done tomorrow.

It was nice weather yesterday and today. Summer is officially on its way. I kinda hope that Wisconsin will be warm when we get there.

Cohen was so sweet all day. At first, he could warm up to us again.  It was really fun to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

Our biggest worry is when we dress down, do we wear our tags?

We miss you. Take care and know that we love you.


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