Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Today was the most relaxed day so far. We got up early, got out of here, and on to breakfast. From there we moved on to class where we prepped to meet our first "investigator."  The Sister we were to teach was older like us, was a widow, and helped keep us on script. I don't know how much of the information she provided was true, but that's what we had to go on. We had to find out what she wanted to know about the Church and then teach her what the Spirit prompted us to do.
As we talked with her, we were really touched with her spirit. We felt impressed to talk about the Plan of Salvation (or at least I was since I was first talking) so off I went. I could see that Craig was scrambling and thinking I'd lost my mind. He did catch up though and followed me. We have to find a way to communicate better what we are going to do. As we presented the first part of the lesson and assured her that Heavenly Father loved her and wanted her to come back to him some day, we ended up with Craig mentioning the Atonement and its importance in helping us get home. Anyway, she started to cry and wondered how we knew the Atonement would help her. She said she had gotten angry with one of her grandchildren and yelled at them because she misunderstood a situation. I think it probably really happened. She felt so bad about it and wondered if she could repent and help her granddaughter forget how mean her grandmother was to her.
We talked some more, and I could see that she was feeling the pains of remorse. Boy, haven't we all felt that. We were able to discuss a couple of things beyond this, and then I looked at my watch. I thought our instructor had said to be finished by 10:00and I hurried us out. Craig kept trying to keep us there, but I won out.  Boo for me. We had 10 minutes left. I'll do bettertomorrow.  Afterwards, we were evaluated. Elder Rowe said we did great, especially with both of us participating in the teaching. I know we could have done much better if we had finished better.
We went to lunch and sat with a new couple. They are going to right outside of D.C. into the area near Alexandria, Virginia and start a new program for the singles. They tried it here in Utah but the CES leaders felt too territorial and were afraid they would pull the young adults away from their programs. So this couple knows nothing about where they are supposed to be, what they are going to do, what the program is all about, or anything. They will be here another week and are looking forward to getting more information.  For once I didn't feel bad because we do know where we are going (almost), and what is expected (almost).  hahahaha
There were lots of new young Elders and Sisters who came in today. They were everywhere getting checked in.
For the afternoon, we had another teacher, Elder Carver. He is in advertising. He was a good teacher also, more relaxed. We had several breaks, I think because he had things to do. But we got some more information about tomorrow when we will definitely teach the Plan of Salvation. We will get a new investigator tomorrow. I hope we don't get the one the Bolos got today. Sister Bolos is a retired math teacher also (7th, 8th, 9th). She wants everything to be laid out and to know it word for word. I guess her investigator would not cooperate at all. Everything the Bolos said, the Inv. was negative about it and kept asking off the wall questions. Sister Bolos had prepared last night to teach the Plan of Salvation and doggone she was going to do that. She said they were all over the place, and she was so upset we laughed at her description of what went on. I told her that she probably got the most realistic of the investigators because there are those who don't want to know the Gospel, they just want to take up the Elders' time and try to prove them wrong.  Like I said, I hope we don't get their investigator tomorrow.
After class today, we went to the health clinic. They had made an appointment for Craig to get his second hepatitis A/B vaccine. When we got there, he wasn't on the list. I'm glad because instead of them filing insurance, we would have had to do it ourselves. So, we will both wait until we get to Wisconsin and do it then. We are also going to get a pneumonia vaccine. I've had too many relatives who died of pneumonia to let it go. When you get our age, pneumonia kills you. One shot takes care of you for life. We had to watch a film produced by the clinic discussing the need to be vaccinated. The Church wants us to get the vaccines. To go out of the country, you have to have them.
We got back to the Marriott Courtyard where we are staying and couldn't get into our room. After replacing our keys a couple of times, the manager had to check us back in because something checked us out. It was nice to get in earlier and get some things done.
We are enjoying our work. I've gained a greater testimony of the work of the Lord. He has a plan. If we listen to the promptings and follow the plan, we will make it back to our Heavenly home to live with Him. Take care and love each other more tomorrowthan today. Take time to hug and kiss the kids. Tell them how much you love them.


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