Monday, April 28, 2014

Sunday's experiences...

We had an interesting Sunday. We got up early, and Brad and Tara with Myia (spelled her name wrong before) showed up to go with us to Cedar Rapids where Sam and her family live. Her husband is Ryan, an electrical engineer. He works on circuit boards for space something or other. Another really nice guy.  (We had waited for Brad and Tara to get there because Brad had to check his cattle in the morning. He found one that had been hit by lightning during the night and had to check to make sure it was the storm that had killed it. He said it's tongue was still warm so it had happened early.)  Some "rendering" business comes along and picks up these cattle to get rid of the animal.

Brad had to drive because he had a car big enough for all of us. It took about 2+ hours to get there. Sam's family includes two children, Henry and George. I had seen both kids on Facebook before, and I knew they were cute.  Seeing them in person was a treat. Henry is 6 years old and wears glasses. I think of him as Harry Potter. He is very bright and inquisitive about everything. He's in kindergarten and is big for his age. George, the baby, has had quite a time with his health. He is 8 months old and already has had pneumonia and the flu which put him in the hospital for several days in the last couple of months. He has these big, big eyes that just stare at you. Makes you want to just hug and hug him.

We had lunch together which was a treat. Everyone talking and going on about our lives. There were two other guests with us. Stephen (it could be Steven) is the son of Gregg Pasdiora's brother. His friend, Jesse, was there also. Stephen is into insurance on the benefits side. I've forgotten what Jesse said he did. Both young men were very nice and a joy to meet.

Sam and Ryan (I just remembered I hadn't mentioned her husband's name before) live in a nice community in a wooded area sitting on a hill. Ryan has become an avid birdwatcher and loves to sit on his deck and soak up the "nature." While there, we saw several deer down in the woods. When Ryan fills his bird feeder, he includes deer feed also because they are going to eat what is offered. Their animal friends also include raccoons and rabbits.

Cedar Rapids was flooded in the 1990s. I remember when it happened. There is water everywhere and the entire downtown was covered. I guess it changed the downtown scene quite a bit. It sounds like they are still dealing with the effects.

We took several pictures. One minute it would feel warm outside, and the next, we were freezing. l hope the pictures have gotten to Mallory so they can be placed here.

 Dad with the Pasdiora men (names, Dad??)

Tara and Sam with their husbands

Finally, when we left to come home, a terrible storm was beginning to let loose with the water. It rained really hard, we could see lightning all around us. The sky was really dark (we were actually driving into the storm). It was a little scary, but Brad is a very capable driver. We got home around 6:00, and we had a very good day. It was an excellent day getting to meet new relatives and making new friends.

We have found that Des Moines is a beautiful city. It is a lovely place to live. There is a new facility for Facebook going up here (I'm just saying) hahahaha. It is very clean city; Ada lives in a very nice neighborhood. She has two dogs and a love bird whose mate died a while ago. The bird and dogs keep her hopping.

We will be leaving to go to Nauvoo today. We will leave later in the day. It's only 3 hours from here.

Elder and Sister Lenhard

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