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081 Tuesday to Tuesday (November 4-10, 2015)

This is the month when I get itchy to start Christmas decorations as quickly. Unfortunately, I have some Scrooge sons-in-laws that insist that we must have Thanksgiving first. I say Thanksgiving is a newer man-made holiday, and we should be able to celebrate the older holiday whenever. We can never get enough Christmas. However, I have heard enough from my daughters to know that I need to hold off. Actually, this year I’m giving my little pre-lit tree to Victor. He doesn’t have a tree that counts, and he was really excited when I told him we would give him ours since we don’t want to take it home with us. I have to admit that it tugged at my heart to let it go. But I still have my few ornaments. I need to buy another Santa for this year. I have two decorations that I got from Sam’s last year. This year Sam’s has two more decorations, including a Nutcracker and an Angel. I will wait until after Christmas when they are cheap to get them. They have really cheap, nasty candy inside which isn’t worth having, but the decorations are great.

We had a busy day on Wednesday, the 4th. We actually got our apartment carpet cleaned. We had left if for 18 months, and I decided enough was enough. How can two old people make such a mess. So we got it cleaned (and it was paid for by the funds we pay each month toward the apartment). It was clean for a day until I spilled hot chocolate on it. Drat!!! Wish I could blame it on Craig, but no, it was totally me. No one to take the blame but me. Sad, sad.

Wednesday night we went to see the play Wicked.  We bought the tickets several months ago through We were supposed to get Orchestra or center loge seating. We got balcony seats that cost $25 less than what we paid for the tickets. I tried to talk to someone about it, but of course no one knew anything. I wrote them the next day, but after “investigating” the possibility, they came back and said we got the seats we paid for. How is that I asked. No refund but I got another restaurant coupon. Ugh! When companies like this cheat you, you have no recourse, so I will be more reluctant next time in using them.
Crossover from parking garage to theater

Looking out other side of crossover

Really loved the play, "Wicked"
On Thursday, I had to proctor a test at 5:00, so we went to the Temple earlier than usual. I learned something very significant for me in the Temple. I have worried that I rally do not look very good in the Temple clothing, and I have thought that maybe we could ask for a color other than white. The Spirit whispered to me that our garments are symbolic. We are covered from head to foot in the garments to symbolize wrapping ourselves in the Priesthood and participating in the ordinances necessary for that Priesthood. That same day someone told Craig that if we listen to the Initiatories, we realize that the garments are for this life only. That puts a whole new understanding of the Temple ordinances. I love learning about the Temple.
Hard to see what you are doing when facing the sun.
On Friday, the 6th, Craig was not feeling well so we didn’t go out. We did some phone calling, but not much else.

On Saturday, I went to the Italiano Center downtown for a genealogy conference. The center was beautiful, and there were the usual vendors with some really pretty homemade items and those with things you could buy anywhere. I had not brought any money with me, so I wasn’t tempted to even look closely. The conference was all afternoon, but by the time we finished up, it was getting dark. I enjoyed working with the people of the Milwaukee Genealogical Society and those with the Italian group. They are good people.

That morning I was supposed to go to a baby shower for a sister in the ward whose baby was born without a brain. He is a beautiful little boy with more hair a boy should have. The parents knew that the baby would not have a brain, but they elected to have him anyway. I cannot even imagine the decisions they have had to make. The prognosis for the baby was that he could last a few hours, if he was born alive, or he could last up to six months.

On Sunday we went to Church and as usual had a marvelous meeting. There is a lot of talent in our Ward, and they sing and play instruments. After Church we had to take a basket to a Sister Hinton who is bedridden and never leaves her house. Each week, some members bring bread and baked goods from a local store that will be throwing it out because it is a couple of days old and can’t be sold. So, after Relief Society we all head to the kitchen and there we can have one dessert and as much bread as we want to take. We take some of the goodies to this Sister. It was our turn to do so.

On Monday, after spending the morning taking care of our laundry (always an unpleasant task), we went out to investigate the area. We drove throughout but stayed pretty close. We happened across a restaurant that we had seen before and promised ourselves that we would come back to eat. It was called the Gingerbread House and is a renovated barn. It is a beautifully restored building with a nice restaurant. There was plenty of fall decorations on the outside, and the day was sunny and warm. We got there about 2:00, and they had stopped serving food. We got them to serve us some soup, and it was wonderful. Then afterwards, we took some pictures and I went upstairs to look at the Christmas stuff they had on sale. Again, I’m amazed at the local artisans and the work they do. When we left, we noticed some chickens out back. Craig talked with one of the waitresses who had come out, and it looked like she was after the chickens. He teased her of trying to catch dinner.
Shell of building we passed in our travels

Front porch of restaurant

Sucking in the gut after eating

Dining room

Front of restaurant
While there, we asked the waitress if she knew if the new Costco was close by. She pointed out the window, and we could see it from the restaurant. We headed over to Costco and checked out the wares. It is so close to us in West Allis. The one we have been going to is about 15 miles away. We could also go to one that we pass on the way to the Temple. After we go to the Temple, at least once a month, we go to a Chik-fil-a that we find in the opposite direction from the one we would take home. This has to do with the card we have to get something free every month. Love that place. Once while we were leaving Chic-fil-a we looked across the road and saw another Costco. So now we know the location of four Costcos and each is different from the others. Can’t help but love going to Costco.

On Tuesday, miracle or miracle, Denise had called me to get a ride to the doctors for Timmy and for her. So I went over and took her, and she told me how she needed to get back to the Church, get clean again, and get her life back into the Scriptures. I asked her if she would really follow through, and she told me she would.  Unfortunately, after arranging rides and getting the Sister Missionaries in line to help her, she won’t answer the phone or the door. Once she gets what she wants, nothing ever comes of her promises.

Another week has gone and passed us by. We have spent lots of time doing family history as well as getting out and seeing people and the area. The weather is cooperating and keeping it nice. We are enjoying the fall, and the beautiful trees make us aware of how much we are going to miss the tree-lined roads with the fall colors. This place has four distinct seasons, and it is really nice to experience all of them.

Our scripture for the month:

2 Nephi 31:20
Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.

Elder and Sister Lenhard

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