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076 Tuesday to Tuesday (Sept. 30-Oct. 6, 2015)

What can we say but that we have finished our last September in the mission field. How weird. In the beginning, you think it is going to take forever to complete two years, and now that we are down to counting the “lasts” of everything, we realize that time is passing faster than we can imagine.

That Wednesday, the last day of the month, we spent with the Armstrongs. We seem to have our wires crossed with the missionaries. We have asked that they do not meet on the same night as we do with them. When we find out what they are teaching, we follow up and emphasize what they want us to do. However, this night the missionaries showed up and we couldn’t do our movie that we had planned. Suddenly, we had to change our tactics and come up with a lesson. I felt it was very awkward.

October 1 started off with doctor appointments for Craig. He had blood work early and then was to see the doctors later. He has his blood work done often because they are monitoring his PSA, a test for prostate cancer – which even though he doesn’t have a prostate, he might have some bit of cancer left that they didn’t get. They also monitor his blood sugar for his diabetic condition (not truly diabetic, but runs a high blood sugar). Plus, he had gone to a chiropractor that took xrays that indicated his spine had some problems, maybe some cancer in the bones. It turned out that they referred Craig to his doctor to have them do xrays to show if there really was some problem. It turned out that there was no problem.

That evening our Pathway class actually had all the students it was supposed to have. A couple of students had not attended because of various reasons. Two are behind as a result and will have to work to make it up. One didn’t get a computer until this week, and the other signed up late. This one is Tom, and he has PTSD or something. When he came in, he was stand-offish and quiet. The lady from Madison, Rosalie, wanted to talk to him when Craig was with him. She came over and told Craig he had more time to talk with Tom so he needed to give her time to talk with him. She was not nice about it. We are having to keep an eye on her. Most of our students are just now getting grades because it takes a couple of weeks to bet the work coming in. They are almost all making As, except for the one who just got a computer, Tom, and Rosalie. I hope they start pulling it together.

Friday morning, I went to the South Stake genealogy library to proctor a test for two sisters who have matriculated to BYUI from Pathway.  It’s a hour or so that I can do my genealogy.

By that evening, we were ready for the Mexican Fiesta Party for Volunteers. It was held at the Clarion Hotel, and as usual, we had so much fun. Elder and Sister Barley, Elder and Sister Jepson, and five of our Spanish missionaries came. The buffet was really good, that hotel knows how to cook. There was plenty of entertainment (in fact, I wondered when it would ever end). First thought, we had to listen to all the rewards they were giving to those in the Spanish community. They really support each other. There was a man that needed an organ transplant. They were raising money at the dinner. Several of the rich people stood up to announced how much they were going to contribute. 
Margaret Skare, Head of the Genealogy Section at the Mexican Festival.

Musicians at the celebration.

Missionaries who worked at the Mexican Festival, Elders Lee, Ipsom, Marsh, and Bartholomew.

Senior Missionaries who helped at Mexican Festival

On Saturday, we had the Scandinavian Festival. Last year very few people came to the genealogy room during the festival. This year Craig and I tried to steer people down to the library where we were set up. They also had a sign up, but still people weren’t as interested in the genealogy as they are at other festivals. However it was better than last year so progress has been made. 
"Abba" like singers

Dressed in costume.

Examples of knitting

Lots of good food

Really slow festival - but I worked on my own material. 

The fun at the festival is paying a fortune to eat. Hahaha – they have some good food, but they are not giving it away. They have the same crafts as they did last year. There was a set of cloth gnomes that I thought to myself that I wanted them. Then I figured there would be plenty of time to get them, and they probably had many in stock. Later I realized that someone had bought them, and then I found out they were the last pair ever. UGH! Oh well, I probably didn’t need them. However, I did get a little magnet, so I got off easy this year.

Sunday was a good day. We taught the Gospel Principles class. Then we took a basket of bread and cookies to a homebound sister (the RS sends her a basket each week – a new person takes it each time). That night we had a phone conference on the upcoming North Stake “Fun Genealogy Program.” What it meant was that we were just to give our stamp of approval on what the genealogy director was organizing. I’m going to be in the nursery, and Craig is going to do something he didn’t want to do, but oh well.

On Monday, it was our clean everything day. I can’t believe how fast each week goes so that we have to wash clothes again……..

On Tuesday, we had Zone Training from 10:30-4:00 that day. It was a long day. We were learning to teach, test, invite, promise blessings, and follow-up.

We started our new scripture with the new month.

3 Nephi 9:14
“Yea verily I say unto you, if ye will come unto me ye shall have eternal life. Behold, mine arm of mercy is extended towards you, and whosoever will come, him will I receive; and blessed are those who come unto me.”

Elder and Sister Lenhard

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