Monday, June 8, 2015

We're SO blessed to serve with him

This was sent to us by our Mission President for our use.

We're SO blessed to serve with him and his wife and daughter!


Grandpa Elder Lenhard

President Cutler

Dear Grandkids,
Thirty-nine years ago today Grandma Cutler and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple by Elder Thomas S. Monson. This was the most important day of my life because I was sealed to the woman I loved and who I wanted to spend eternity with. We didn’t have much money, we weren’t sure how we would be able to make things work out, but we knew that we wanted to have a happy family and be true to the promises we would make to each other that day. Someday, you will do the same thing. Our marriage is far from perfect, but we love each other much more today than 39 years ago. Here are 39 things that have blessed our marriage and I believe will bless yours:
1) We have a kneeling family prayer each morning and each night.
2) We read the scriptures individually and as a family.
3) We have a weekly family home evening.
4) The Sabbath is a special day of worship, service, teaching, and time with family.
5) We are in the temple often.
6) We welcomed children into our home and feel blessed to have a large family.
7) We help with the housework and have taught our children to keep our home clean.
8) We help with the yard and have taught our children to help keep it looking nice.
9) We have found opportunities with our children helping others and teaching them to work.
10) We have accepted each assignment cheerfully and served with enthusiasm in the Church.
11) We go on dates together.
12) We talk about the positive attributes of our spouse when we are with other people.
13) We remodel our homes together, doing all the things we can.
14) We avoid consumer debt and always pay off our credit cards so that we pay no interest.
15) We wait until we can afford it to buy furniture, cars, or other things we want.
16) We like to play tennis together.
17) We like to go to cultural events like plays together.
18) We take our children on dates (daddy-child or mother-child) occasionally.
19) We study and listen to the general conference talks during the months in between conference.
20) We pay a full tithing when we first receive money and live on the remaining funds.
21) We pay a generous fast offering.
22) We fast with a purpose and often counsel together before starting the fast.
23) We like to be with extended family and look forward to family reunions.
24) We love “kid days” and like to do creative things with you.
25) We are honest with each other and with everyone else too.
26) We tackle the challenges which come to us with optimism that God will help us find solutions.
27) We write a weekly letter to our children who have left home.
28) We like to take hikes and go on camping trips together, but we are always home on the Sabbath.
29) We treat all the money we earn as our money and we take turns managing our finances.
30) We speak kindly to each other.
31) We have dinner together and try to have interesting conversations.
32) We invite others into our home often and look for opportunities to share the gospel.
33) We believe that we are an eternal family and realize that differences will be resolved with time.
34) We write occasional notes to each other expressing our appreciation and love.
35) We work hard to earn a living and value having a mother who works hard at home to nurture children.
36) We encourage our children to save money for missions and college by matching funds.
37) We value friends and keep in touch with others.
38) We have occasional family testimony meetings.
39) We love our family traditions and take lots of pictures to help us remember them.

Your family will be different than ours in many ways. When I was your age I worried about having to leave my family because I loved them. I now can see that it is possible to have your own family without diminishing the love you have for your parents and siblings. Having a happy family takes a lot of work, but it is the most important work you will ever do. Learning to be cheerful at home and do everything your mom and dad ask you to do will prepare you to have a happy family.
Grandma and I love you dearly!
Grandpa Cutler 

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