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057 Tuesday to Tuesday (May 20—26, 2015)

I am way behind in my writing. So many things to do that I forget and then it snowballs. One of my biggest problems has been that I had to have a new cloud drive started. It took two weeks to sync the old one to the new one. They do not look alike, and it is harder to use the new one. We actually had to upgrade our wifi in order to get a faster line. It drove me crazy. (More info below!)

The work is beginning to pick up as summer is coming, and the festivals will be here. Plus, we are going to the Temple each week now, and that takes an extra day out of our schedule. I’m not complaining about going to the Temple, just noting that we have less time to spread things out. We also are recruiting for the Pathway program, and that is not easy. We have to have the help of the Bishops and leaders in each Stake, and some of them do not have a vision of the program. I’m guessing that the Lord will push this program more each year. It truly is a reactivation and retention tool. Our students have been a strength to us this year. We have watched them grow and become more confident. Some are more capable in one area than another, but all help each other.

Wednesday, 20th found us off to the Temple again. The amazing thing about going now is that we always have a name to take with us. We love being able to take the day and find the peace of the Temple. It truly is a spiritual experience. It helped us that night when we had Family Home Evening with the Armstrongs. They wanted to study the Beatitudes, and we were ok with that. It is a great time when we can discuss the Scriptures with friends and come to a greater understanding of what the Lord would have us be and do.
Temple Trip, 20 May 2015 (we are going to do this every week to see how we age)
On Thursday, we started off the day at the gym. It is getting harder and harder to find the time to exercise. I feel I’m adding on muscle, just enough to tip the scales in an upward motion. Ugh!  We had called Cable because by this time I’d been syncing my files from one google cloud account to another for about a week. I started with 57,000 files and by this day, still had 39,000+. When I called Cable, they said that I had a problem with some line which is why it was taking so long. According to the Cable guy that came by, we didn’t have a problem with the cord, we needed more speed.  He told us we could buy a separate dothingy to use instead of the cloud. We could download it much faster, but others could still access it online. I called Adam, and was told no, no, no. So we didn’t.  hahaha  Pathway was on the docket for that evening, and we were finding ourselves into the beginnings of next year’s recruitment. We are not excited about it. We are working with the Bishops and others who are recommending the program and are working to get everything in line. We pray that the program will make its recruitment goal. We would hate to lose it here in Milwaukee.

Friday saw us starting to train the missionaries on Family Search. The Polish Festival will be in 3 weeks, and they have to be shown what to do at the Festival if they have to man the computers. Naturally, everyone must help at the computers because no one wants to do it the whole time they are there. It gets boring compared to meeting with people and sneaking off to see stuff.

On Saturday, we got to participate in a service project in Union Grove, Wisconsin. There was a Veteran’s Graveyard there where we helped plant flags on the graves. We had to be there by 7:30, and it was cool. I’m glad I wore a sweater, but I could have used a light coat. There were 11,000 graves, and there must have been 300 participants. We met up with the Carters and Barleys (other senior missionaries), and we took a Sister Duran with us.  Afterwards, we got breakfast in a nearby town. We were going to a chocolate fest afterwards downtown there, but when we went by, it was just a bunch of tents set up to get our money. Hahaha  
Placing flags on veteran's graves. Brother Linsley is on left.
We got home and that afternoon we went to an appointment with the missionaries for a family who wanted to learn Family Search. Of course, she was not there, but he was a real gentleman. They are both graphic artists and very successful. I could see my prejudice coming out in that they lived in a modest but nice home and are Mexican. Both parents were educated, and they were really nice. I found myself asking “how is this possible.” Need to repent! Hopefully, we will get to go again to try another time.

Sunday was a typical Sabbath day. Our district meetings throughout the entire month have been on keeping the Sabbath holy. It has made me reflect on how I spend the day. We have been discussing ways we can bring the Spirit into the day, and one thing that was mentioned was to stay in our Sunday clothes to remind ourselves that it isn’t just any day. I have found it hard because if we aren’t going anywhere, I just want to kick off my shoes and stockings and get into some comfortable clothes. But it does help if we stayed dressed up. Another thing which I think I’ve mentioned before if to remember that each time we take the Sacrament, we aren’t just renewing our Covenants from when we were baptized, but we are making a new covenant with the Lord, accepting His terms and working harder the next week to keep the covenant.

Monday found us in Elm Grove with Dave and Virginia Armstrong at the Memorial Day Parade. We had a lot of fun. It has been a long time since we have been to a parade. We brought our chairs and got there early enough that we had a great place to see everything. A little boy and his family came to sit with us, and we gave him all the candy we could catch. The Armstrong’s son was marching in the parade as part of the Baker’s Square group. He had a bag of candy and came and poured it out for the boy. We walked down to a small area where they were playing music and people were congregating for a pie eating contest sponsored by Baker's Square. It was fun to watch.
Dave and Virginia at parade.

Looked like fun to ride this wheel.
Who has ever seen an elementary school play in a parade?

Saluting the veterans!

Pie eating contest after the Parade. Man on lower left got sick. Kid across from him won!
I'd say he had fun!  THE winner.
Afterwards, we toured Elm Grove a little bit which is a little more upscale than our area of town. There were some beautiful homes surrounded by great big trees and lovely flowers. We drove to the Original Pancake House and had breakfast. Obama actually came and ate there when he was in town.  Whoopee!!!!!

On Tuesday, we were asked to take three Elders to the Temple before they left the Mission. They were Spanish Elders, and we took them to Kenosha (just south of us and on the way) where we met another Missionary couple, the Linsleys. They had one Missionary to take, so we gave them one of ours and off we went. We really had a good time. On the way back, we stopped and ate lunch. It was late when we got home, but we had another great day in the Temple.
Chicago Temple, 26 May 2015

Our scripture for May is Doctrine and Covenants 67:10:
          And again, verily I say unto you that it is your privilege, and a promise I give unto
          you that have been ordained unto this ministry, that inasmuch as you strip yourselves
          from jealousies and fears, and humble yourselves before me, for ye are not
          sufficiently humble, the veil shall be rent and you shall see me and know that I am –
          not with the carnal neither natural mind, but with the spiritual.

Elder and Sister Lenhard

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