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048 Tuesday to Tuesday (Mar 18-24, 2015)

Years ago I sent all of my children an invite to come to I really wish you would do so. You could add some info and help with the work. It is truly a work of love.

Thought I would give you some Military Service information about family.

MILLER, HARRISON BAKER, 17, 1860 Ashe County Census HH#254. Musician, Co. A, 26th NC Inf., Enl. 5/17/61 in Ashe Co., NC, age 19. Pres. until taken POW 7/5/65 on return from Gettysburg, PA. Sent to Fort Delaware, DE where held until transf. to Point Lookout, MD 10/18/63. Paroled 2/18/65, sent to Boulware's Wharf for exchange 2/20/65. Res. Smyth Co., VA postwar, Primitive Baptist Minister. D. 2/8/1935, buried in the St. Clair's Bottom Primitive Baptist Church Cem., Chilhowie, Smyth Co., VA.  Harrison was actually the bugler. I believe he was at Gettysburg during the battle there.
Information gotten from Civil War Soldiers from Ashe and Alleghany County, North Carolina found on

MILLER, GEORGE WASHINGTON, 40, 1860 Ashe County Census HH#254. B. 1/31/1818 D. 5/3/1865 Ashe Co. NC killed by bushwackers passing through the area of his farm. George was away from home when the thieves came. It was hypothesized that there were as many as 15,000 men who after the war went into the mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. They would swoop down on the farms in the valleys looking for food and anything they felt they could use. When they got to the Miller farm, they took his horses. After George got home, he had an older horse that he wanted to take and trade with the men for a younger one that he needed on the farm. He took out on horseback and when he didn't come home later in the evening; he was found by his wife and daughter lying in the road with a gunshot in his back.
His grave has never been found, but it is assumed that he was buried on his farm somewhere in Ashe County, North Carolina.
Information from Civil War Soldiers from Ashe and Alleghany County, North Carolina found at

The 18th was busy. We started out at the gym, and we really do love going. My knees get stiff if I don’t go 2 to 3 times a week. We had to get a new clicker for the garage – why do all the electronic gadgets go out at one time. We have two light bulbs go down – one for the refrigerator. I guess that’s a total of three things so we shouldn’t have any other problems. That evening we had dinner at Denise’s. We had to pick up a pie to take and prepare a salad. Then we got all the way over to her apartment to get a call from the Elders asking for a ride. It meant we had to come all the way back across town to pick them up. Of course, we were supposed to be there at 5 and they called at 4:45. Fun, fun. We had a good time that night. Denise really liked listening to Elder Mann, a missionary from England. He is so funny, and I enjoy listening to him. He gives me a hard time about my southern accent. 
Elders McMoore and Mann, Denise and Timmy, and Elders Goodale and Lau.
We moved into Thursday with a full day of Pathway work. We are almost finished for the semester. It is taking a lot more time than we thought it would. We had some work to do for a meeting that we would attend the next day at the Mission Home.

Friday was the beginning of a weekend that would bring several  General Authorities, Elder Perry and two members of the Seventy.  At 10:00 we went to the Mission Home to meet with all the Senior Missionaries in the Mission. We found out that morning that Elder Perry was not coming. We heard the rumor that since President Monson and Elder Packer were both under the weather, Elder Perry is next in line and was, therefore, in charge of General Conference which was coming up. It was disappointing not to have Elder Perry with us, but it was fun to meet with the Senior Missionaries and share our experiences. At 3:00, we were going to the Temple. We got to do a family name (Craig did), and I took a name that an elderly sister in the Ward was unable to take. I had taken it once before but only got the baptism done. It turned out that I was unable to take it through, so I had to leave it for someone else to complete it.  After the Temple work, we all went to eat at a Cracker Barrel.

Saturday found us involved in a missionary meeting that lasted until 1:00.  Elders Christiansen, Johnson, and Ward, all members of the Seventy came. There were so many things that we learned. Sister Cutler reminded us that the Lord often leads us into the wilderness in order to give us time to grow. Our wilderness is in Wisconsin. President Cutler reiterated that Immortality will be glorious. It will be even more glorious when eternal life includes our family. We aren’t just spending time preaching the Gospel, we are gathering Israel.

Elder Christiansen stated that the real teacher is the Holy Ghost. The Book of Mormon is different from other Scriptures in that it is a book with a promise. The promise is that if you read with real intent and ask if it is true, you can know for yourself.

There are four aspects of the Atonement: (a) death or the separation of man from God; (b) consequences of sin – repentence is a conditional gift, it brings forgiveness for sin when we forsake our sins;  (c) Christ can heal us from all we suffer in this life; and (d) the empowering nature of God – grace – is beyond ourselves that gives strength and power to do what we need to do.  Our focus should always be on the Atonement. It will bring us closer to Christ.

At 1:00, Craig and I had to take a missionary home to south Chicago. It was such a nice ride. He was a Spanish missionary and had been released a few days early to attend his sister’s weeding on that Saturday night. We have enjoyed working with him. He had such a sense of humor. His Bishop met us down there to release the Elder. We talked with him a little, and he said we would have one of his numbers for a discount from Ford which is were he worked. Maybe when we leave the mission?????

We ended this special Conference on Sunday. It was very uplifting. We were encouraged to develop a deeper relationship with Christ. If we love Him, we will feed his sheep!

On Monday, I spent some time to prepare for Pathway tutoring the next day. Then we had a FHE that night at the home of a Sister whom we helped move a couple of weeks earlier. We couldn’t believe what she had done to the home we moved her into. It looked like an old home that no one would be excited about, but she knows how to decorate. It was a great time. The other missionaries who had helped move her were there also.

Tuesday is all about Math Practice. We didn’t have district meeting that day because transfers were on Wednesday.

We love our work here. Every day is something new.

Our Scripture for March is from Doctrine and Covenants 68:4 -

            And whatsoever they shall speak when moved upon by the Holy Ghost shall be scripture,
            shall be the will of the Lord, shall be the mind of the Lord, shall be the word of the Lord,
            shall be the voice of the Lord, and the power of God unto salvation.

Elder and Sister Lenhard

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