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073 Tuesday to Tuesday (Sept 9-15, 2015)

I had finished the Book of Mormon for the second time this year at the beginning of the month. I have to say I’m quite proud of myself, and I feel that I learned things this time around I hadn’t learned before. Along with the Scriptures, I’ve used the Institute manual to help add further insights. I’m also reading Jesus the Christ (and loving it). This next week we have Pathway starting again. We have 23 enrolled, but hardly anyone has paid. They have to have it paid by the first class, so we will see what happens. If they put off paying it at the beginning, they can add a one-time fee of 5% and pay later. It ends up to be $15. Most of the students will take the fee. We are excited to see Pathway begin. This time around we will have the Book of Mormon Religion class also, so it will be a 2-hour meeting on Thursday nights to deal with. That will be a change, and we will see how it works. We have been notified that Madison did not make their classes this time which is really a shame. They had four to sign up. We have been asked if we will take any of those people if they want to come an hour to class. Of course, we said we would, and we have one who will come. I’m kinda worried about her though. She has learning disabilities, and in our communications, it is obvious she does not understand what I say she corrects me each time and tells me it doesn’t make sense, I should have said so and so. I’ve asked her to get a blessing before she starts class to help her deal with anxiety and to help her understand what she is committing herself to doing. We shall see!

Anyway, the reason I started on this topic is that I will now start reading the BOM with the students. I hope to finish it by the end of the year. It is amazing that I can read an average of three chapters a day (once in a while I forget), and yet, I’m paying more attention than ever. It has been a great blessing to me.

On the 9th, Wednesday, the next batch of Elders and Sisters were transferring, going home, etc. The new missionaries came in on Tuesday, so Wednesday was devoted to making sure all had their final interviews with the President, they are fed lunch, luggage comes in and has to be sorted, everyone is allotted a place to sleep for the night – usually Elders to the Mission Home and Sisters to the hotel (they know those Elders way too well hahaha). There is a testimony meeting that evening, and so the day is busy, busy. Craig and I have been asked to have a service project for them, and Craig arranged for those Elders who are leaving and have arrived at the Stake Building in time (they are coming from all over the Stake to pick up new companions, bring in those who are leaving, etc.) would go to Salvation Army and sort toys for the upcoming Christmas season. It was really fun, and I think the missionaries enjoyed doing it. It sure was more fun than trying to herd cats to clean the Stake building. 
Missionaries who are leaving - most we worked with in  mission

Sorting and packing toys for the Christmas season

We work with Stephanie at Salvation Army for many projects

It is disappointing when some of the missionaries who had served right next to the Mission President will look at you and tell you they aren’t cleaning the Chapel, and then they walk out. So when I talked to the Senior Missionaries who are in charge, it was decided that it wasn’t going to work to clean the chapel. But President Cutler wants them involved in some type of service before they leave. This was a success, but don’t know if it will happen again because Salvation Army has to have them at a certain time before they let their people go home, and President Cutler needs them to stay around to be interviewed, etc. We shall see.

On Thursday, Craig had a CAT scan for his eye. He has been having a rouge time with one eye that starts to hurt, and he feels like to it going to pop out of his head. Hopefully, the CAT scan will give us some information as to why this is happening. He has some pain medication and eye drops that are supposed to help. He started off the day with blood work done that morning. I think he has probably given lots of gallons of blood over the years. They should name a blood bank for him.  Hahahaha

From 12-2 then that day, we were at the Indian Summer Festival (American Indians). This is a fun festival. I love seeing all the costumes. They had a puzzle there that had been put together showing where the Indian tribes were located in the U.S. It was unbelievable how many there were. Most of them I’d never heard of before. Here in Wisconsin, several tribes have come from Canada and moved back and forth between the two countries.
If there is anyway to enlarge this, you can see hundreds of Indian Tribes shown in the places they lived.

On Friday, we worked the festival from 12 to 10 at night. That’s a long time, and when we get home from a day like this, we are done for. It makes our legs hurt so much. We did have a much bigger area this time, and lots of computers so it was nice working there. The best part was when a man came up getting some information. I asked if he was from Wisconsin so I could tell him about the library here and its sources. He said he was from Virginia. I asked where, and he said it was a little town in the hills. Where? Grayson County, Virginia where my ancestors are from. I was jumping up and down. He knew about Chilhowie, Marion, and all the places I have relatives. His name was Suit, and I’d never heard of it in my work, but I’m going to be looking for his family. He gave me his email, and later I emailed him and told him about the Grayson Historical site online. It  was a testimony to me that the Lord is watching over me as I do the work for our family. If you want some blessings, you should jump on the genealogy train. Craig and I are taking family names to the Temple every week now. Usually, we will take several so they can do the baptisms and confirmations and we will pick them up the next week for the initiatories and endowments. It is hard to get initiatories done in the Chicago Temple. They don’t often have enough people to work to have that area open. Once I went to ask for just one name to be added in the group, and they just said they couldn’t add it in because someone was doing their own work and couldn’t do my one. I’ve learned to get there early in case we have to do our own initiatories (which I love to do).
There is something written on each skin about different aspects of the Indian cultures.
Craig doing the war dance
Saturday we pulled a full day also from 12-10. It’s a good thing they had so many others helping in the booth so that we could get out a little and do some exploring. We went to one shop that had people from Ecuador selling stuff. They were members of the Church and asked us when and where they could go to Church the next day. How small is our church world?

On Sunday, we were able to go to Church and leave early to be there by 12 and work until 6. This is a great festival. We met some people who ae re-enactors or those who settled the area. They cook outdoors (and invited us over for supper), and they give demonstrations of how the old settlers did things. They are members of one of the local Church units, and they have Dowells in their family. WOW, two connections in one festival. Love it! 
Demonstrating some kind of craft
The members of the Church had this tent and others beside it that they paid to be part of reenactment.

When Monday came around, we were so tired, hurt in way too many places, and just worn out. We got up, went to the gym, and came back and collapsed for the day. This meant we just did things at the apartment. We worked on Pathway stuff for the upcoming Thursday, checking to make sure we still had plenty of students. Every day it seems there has to be an email to clarify stuff as various students will call in asking questions.

On Tuesday, our District meeting was cancelled because the President was doing interviews on Thursday, and we would be meeting then. We are going on an overnighter this weekend with the Barleys to Door County. If you look at the Wisconsin map, we are going to the area near Green Bay but looks like a thumb sticking out of the mainland. We have never been there, but we have heard that it is beautiful, especially at this time of the year. We really like the Barleys. They will be leaving in October, going back to Farmington. We plan to stay in contact with them. They are wonderful missionaries, and we have loved serving with them. We went by the office to clarify what we need and get the time for leaving, etc. This is not like us because I like to know I have a place to stay. They love to just head out and stop wherever and whenever. We will see what success or nightmares we have to report.

September’s scripture is 3 Nephi 27:20 –
          Now this is the commandment: Repent, all ye ends of the earth and come 
          unto me and be baptized in my name that ye may be sanctified by the 
          reception of the Holy Ghost, that ye may stand blameless before me at the 
          last day.

Elder and Sister Lenhard

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