Friday, October 30, 2015

070 Tuesday to Tuesday (August 19-25, 2015)

To say I am behind in my writing would be a mild statement of fact. I know I need to write, but there have been so many things happening that, as usual, I’ve put it off. I’m going to try to get up to par sooner than later. I love keeping this journal, but the thoughts of writing are daunting. So, I begin fresh.

On the 19th, we had hoped to see Denise, but as usual, she didn’t respond to our invitation. It gets discouraging when someone you have worked with so much just turns their back on you. We continue to pray that she will see the importance of the Gospel in her life.  Then we were supposed to do some service at the Church building that evening, but that was not possible. However, we were finally able to have FHE with the Armstrongs. We told her we were not just fellowshipping her, but we wanted her to truly think about baptism. It was interesting that this time she stated that her son and his wife were very active in their Church. They weren’t baptized, so she was sure that it wasn't that important. Another kink in her progression.

On Thursday, we attended a luncheon given by the Salvation Army for the volunteers. We got there a little late, but I had made funeral potatoes. It was actually the second time, but I was proud that they turned out so well. Heaven knows I’ve not have many successes at cooking. We got to talk with many of the volunteers. It is interesting how many people with regular jobs also volunteer lots of hours to others. That is where the Lord’s blessings come – when we think about others and not about ourselves.

Ham and cheese sandwiches for children who would otherwise not get much food during summer.

Working to put together the food for children.

Waiting to get food to make lunches.

That afternoon we both had dental appointments – always fun. I don’t particularly like my hygienist. Even when I do a good job keeping my teeth clean, she makes it sound like all my teeth are about to fall out. Craig always walks away with little cleaning (supposedly, he has something in his mouth that prevent plaque). Now, I ask, is that fair?  No! 

Friday found us back at the Temple. It is good to go back. The worst part is the traffic there and back. It is only 75 miles but the traffic makes it hard to travel, and we are worn out by the time we get home. But it is so worth it. The Mexican Fiesta started on this day, but we weren’t scheduled to work. We knew that the next day would be full. 
Chicago Temple, 21 August 2015

On the 22nd, we had the 2-7 shift at the Mexican Fiesta. We worked from 2-7, but we had to get there early because I wanted to look around to see what they had in the way of decorations. I would have to buy them today because I could not buy them on the Sabbath when we had to work again.  We also had to work out arrangements with the Spanish-speaking Elders who were also going to help. One did not show up, but he got to go to the Temple, so can’t fault him for that. However, it is interesting that when we try to impress upon them that they had to be at the festival, you would think they would notify you ahead of time that they want to go to the Temple.  Oh, well! So I bought a bride and groom and one other beautiful day of the dead dolls. Someday they will go to Amy as she is the only one who seems to like them – after all I got the idea from her.

This year the Mexican Fiesta was almost boring. It didn't feel that there were as many visitors as last year, although it was announced later that there were 4000 that went through the booth. I’m not that sure. The booth is held in the pavilion where many of the performers are. I do have to say that the Mexicans love loud, I mean, loud music. Much of the time we could hardly hear ourselves talk. It just doesn’t seem to be the optimum place to have the genealogy work.

On Sunday, we left Church after Sacrament to get to our 2-5 shift at the fiesta.  It was interesting that the thoughts kept coming that this was the last time we would be here doing this work. We have made some really good friends through our work with the Milwaukee Genealogical Society and the PAF group here in town.  We got to talk to lots of people. Our Missionaries this year weren't quite as friendly as last year's had been. I tried to encourage them to make the first move, but they tended to want the people to come to them. It's times like this that I realize they are young men who aren't quite as forward as I tend to think they are.  

On Monday, we actually got to go to the gym. It really helps both of us when we get out and exercise. I really enjoy exercising, although sometimes I admit that thinking about it makes me want to just forget it. Now, at last once a week, I just do the tread mill because I can read while I do it. Most of the times though, I will do 15-20 on the tread mill, 15-20 on a stepping machine, plus I will also do weights.
I'm actually doing some at home, but not enough. 

We began to realize that one set of the Senior Missionaries (Elder and Sister Carter) was getting ready to leave in September. Then two weeks later another set (Elder and Sister Linsleys) would leave. The Linsleys had asked the Carters if they would take a few items back for them because the Carters had a big truck. When I heard this, I asked if they would take one tub for me. In that tub I planned to take all the albums and pictures that I had brought with me and meant to scan and send them home. It meant that all those albums and pictures needed to be scanned. So, I began to scan. Do you know how long it takes to scan hundreds of pictures? Many hours and many days!!!!!!

On Tuesday, we had a district meeting.  Afterwards, we picked up the Mission President's car so we could use it that evening. We had been asked to go to a place on the western side of the state called Prairie du Chein where we had to pick up two missionaries and bring them back to Milwaukee so they could leave for home the next day. Their universities were starting early so they got to leave a few weeks early. Since Prairie de Chein is past Madison, we knew if we waited until the morning, we would not make it considering we would be traveling during the worst of the travel times.

We started out around 5:00 for Prairie du Chein. There was a Wisconsin Historical site there that we could go to for free because when Katie was here we bought a "passport" to be able to visit all the state historical sites for one price. 

We took off and stayed at a Baymont Inn that advertized a buffet breakfast. It costs as much as any other hotel, but the buffet clicked it. When we got there, I went in to set it up. I asked if the buffet was in the bar area being used that night. She told me they didn't have a buffet. I then told her, very nicely if that's possible, that the reason we chose that hotel was because of the buffet. Oh, there is a buffet she then says, the food will be laid out like a buffet. The toast, juice, and muffins were certainly laid out  and spread out over the table.

Our scripture for August is D&C 42:6:

          And ye shall go forth in the power of my Spirit, preaching my gospel, two by 
          two, in my name, lifting up your voices as with the sound of a trump, 
          declaring my word like unto angles of God.

Elder and Sister Lenhard


  1. that's funny about the buffet--were they good muffins?! :)

    1. I could have bought them at Piggly Wiggly, and they would have been the same!