Friday, September 25, 2015

068 Tuesday to Tuesday (Aug. 5-11, 2015)

Started out this Wednesday with a trip to the dentist for Craig. He broke or chipped one of his front teeth so he had to have a crown. Fun, fun, fun.  On this day, they just did the temporary. I hate having a crown. My mouth is probably worth a couple of thousand bucks, and yet, I still have things I wish I could do. If I were really wealthy, I’d have a head of implants. But I’m too close to death to make it worth my while. Hahaha – On the other hand, I’d have a pretty set of teeth to show in the hereafter. I could get really gruesome on this topic so think I’ll stop while I can.

I spent much of this day and the next working on a powerpoint for a genealogy presentation that will be part of a workshop in October. Man, I’d forgotten how much time it takes to do one of these. At the rate I’m going, and considering how much time has to lapse between now and then, both Ancestry and Family Search, which I’m comparing and contrasting, will have changed so much that everything will be irrelevant by then. UGH!

On Friday, we went to the gym that morning and then we had our usual haircuts. After going home and getting cleaned up we had to go to the genealogy library to train some missionaries to help us with the Irish Fest coming up in another week.  We have lots of things to do to get prepared for the festival. There are handouts that need to be made and cut. We love Irish Fest and hope we have good weather for it.

Saturday we head off to Sam’s to do free health screenings. That’s what you do when you get old. You get free health screenings when you can. My cholesterol is still up, but at least it is the same as before. Craig has good cholesterol and good blood sugar. We are hoping he can maintain that blood sugar. He will be getting tested soon to see how well he is maintaining it.

Sunday was a wonderful day at Church. There are so many good people here. We had to teach the Gospel Principles class. When we got the program for Sacrament, we saw it was going to be on the Sabbath Day. Wow, there went our lesson. The talks were wonderful. However, there were still some points we were able to make, and Craig did an outstanding job summarizing it all up. Then RS also was on the Sabbath Day. It appears that the world needs to pay attention and treat the Sabbath Day as more than just any day. I remember a talk by one of the General Authorities many years ago to the effect that when we began to open our stores and to do business on Sunday as if it were just any day, we began to lose our way in this country. There has been a general decline in Church attendance, morality, and desire to live the way we should. Sunday used to be recognized as a quiet, slow day that was devoted to family and Church. What a difference in our country today.

On Monday, we actually went to the gym. I love going, but somedays, we just don’t have the time. I have finished the Book of Mormon for my second time this year. I feel like I have learned a lot this time around. I’m also still reading Jesus the Christ and using the Institute manual along with my reading. When we start Pathway, we will be studying the Book of Mormon. I will read with them also. Until then, I think I’ll follow a study guide given by President Cutler regarding understanding the Atonement.

We had planned on taking Denise and Timmy to the Jelly Belly Factory. This morning she cancelled. No excuse, just couldn’t go. Honestly, it is so frustrating that she is not even trying anymore.

Tuesday found us working to upload pictures that will be used on this blog and in our genealogy. It takes forever to upload pictures, name and sort them. I hate to do it.  One of the Spanish Sisters had tamales for us, and we went over and picked them up. They know how to make Spanish food. We had our usual District Meeting which was very uplifting. This is a good group of missionaries we get to work with in Milwaukee.

I also was working on the powerpoint again. I have to get this finished, but it seems like every time I open it, I have a 100 changes to make.

That evening Craig had to go visit with Victor. Craig is trying to encourage him to make some needed changes in his life.  We are hoping he can take Pathway, but he needs to get help from his Bishop.

It has been a good week.

Our scripture for August is D&C 42:6:

          And ye shall go forth in the power of my Spirit, preaching my gospel, two by 
          two, in my name, lifting up your voices as with the sound of a trump, 
          declaring my word like unto angles of God.

Lots of stuff to do and learn. Grateful that Heavenly Father is merciful to me when I make so many mistakes.

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  1. We love you guys and miss you SO much. But we are so grateful to you for your sacrifice and testimony of the gospel. The people of Wisconsin are lucky (no, blessed would be a better word) to know you! Hugs to you, Mom and Dad!