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066 Tuesday to Tuesday (July 22-28, 2015)

My scripture studies have really been eye-opening lately. I’m into Alma, and I love to read. The prophets at that time saw our day. I’ve been reading the Institute classbook along with the Scriptures so that it will help me to better focus on what has been written. It also gives me an opportunity to reflect on what was written and to see the background behind it. I can also see the writings of present-day Prophets and Apostles and their understandings of the Scriptures which opens up greater meaning for me. I’m also loving reading Jesus the Christ.  Years ago I started it, but never finished.  Well, it is better late than never. I remember the book being really dry the first time around, but now it is very interesting and opening up greater understanding about the Savior.

On Wednesday, we went to visit a family from our Ward. I mentioned before that she had been leaning into a car when a drunk man drove by and literally hit her and chopped off one leg and damaged the other so bad that they had to amputate the other one. The legs are cut up to the top of the body. She and her husband, Bootsie (nickname) and James Denton, are two of the sweetest people. They are black, but when we are together, there are no differences between us. Race is not there. He has to have is prostate removed on the 31st.  We had not heard that he had been having problems until we got there. When those two bear their testimonies, the Spirit joins the room and it is so thick you could cut it with a knife. They express the ultimate love for each other. Many times we hear of someone who gets hurt this badly, and their spouse leaves. We felt so much love in their home. It was great to be there.

That night we went to the Armstrongs and watched 17 Miracles. Again, I was so touched by that movie. I think it made them think hard about the pioneers and what they had to go through.

On Thursday, the 23rd, we had Cable coming that morning to take care of a problem we had been having. Had to stay in the apartment until the man showed up. For a week, we had trouble with wifi going on and off, missing TV channels, etc. They kept giving us one story after another until we finally got the guy to fix it. Evidently, someone else in the building was having something changed on his cable, and the cable guy who came to make the changes, got our hook-up mixed up with the other persons.

Our last class of Pathway was on the 23rd. We talked about their assignment that included finding a country and studying about the cultures of that country. It was fascinating to hear what they found out and wanted to share with the rest of us. Afterwards, we shared treats, and we made a date to go to the Temple together on September 26. By that time, one of our members will have been a member for a year and will be able to take his wife through for their endowments. We are looking forward to doing that.
Jolene Carson, Angelina Ruiz Esqueda, Mike Calabro, John Osmond, Denver Fields, Anna Ritter, Jacque Jacobs, and Teresa Rivera Ramirez - (not pictured:  Jaime Fields and Margaret Wehrhahn
 Friday brought German Fest. This is the largest German festival in the United States, and people are everywhere. We had to wear black pants and white shirts. We met so many people. They had a bigger tent than last year. We were in the Cultural tent where we heard singing all day long. The Air Force was giving an air show all three days we were there, and between the singing and the planes overhead, it was crazy. Sometimes we just had to stop talking and wait for a quiet moment. There were so many people who came through. At the end of the first day, our feet and legs hurt so badly that we could hardly stand up. We were able to talk to many about the importance of family and how family search could help them. One man said we baptized for the dead. I got a chance to talk with him about that. Everyone that we met were so positive, and we didn’t feel that they were turned off by the name tags. That’s always a plus.

On Saturday, we had to work from 12-10 that night. Our feet were still killing us from the night before, so the next day wasn’t much better. I did wear tennis shoes and that helped. We got to eat snitzel which is thin breaded pork that has been fried, and it was really good.  We also had some chicken nuggets and other stuff that wasn’t all that good. 
Burgermeister or Mayor
Chimney Sweep - he does the White House Also.

German Singers

Worked on Sculpture Every Day

Air Show Went On Every Day

Workers at the Genealogy Area

Mueller Display

Sunday got us to Sacrament meeting and then down for another long day at the festival. It was a beautiful day, as had been the entire weekend. While we were there, one of the ladies who was responsible for Fiesta Italiana and said that those over the fest. had told her that because of our work (not mine and Craig’s – but all of us), they had more visitors than ever. It was a huge hit, and they will definitely be invited back next year. While this woman and the one in charge of the German Fest were talking, I found myself almost jealous that we wouldn’t be there next year and so could not take part in the ideas they were sharing about what they wanted to do in the future.

On Monday, we had things to do to prepare for Katie, Anden, and McKay coming to visit on Wednesday. We would need clothes, so they had to be washed. We had to look up activities and make plans. We needed to get some things done as missionaries also, can’t forget we are missionaries. It was a short day, and it went by too fast.

Tuesday had us getting ready for them to come. We took the time to do paperwork that needed to be done. It’s amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it. This week seemed to be all pointed for our family to come. We were out of our minds with excitement. We wanted to have lots to do and show Katie and the boys everything we had time to show them. Yet, we didn’t want to make them tired or bored. What should we do? We had more ideas that it would be possible to do in the short time they would be here but we would sure give it a try.

While we would be with our family, there would be transfers and many of our favorite missionaries were going home. We would miss Elder Crandall and Sister King for sure. Hopefully, we will see or hear from them in the future.

Our scripture for July is D&C 121:45:

          Let thy bowels also be full of charity towards all men, and to the household of faith,
          and let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly; then shall thy confidence wax strong
in the presence of God; and the doctrine of the priesthood shall distil upon thy soul as
          the dews from heaven.

Elder and Sister Lenhard

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