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042 Tuesday to Tuesday (Feb. 4-10, 2015)

Let’s start off with a few memories of Katie as a baby. Amy and I were at home cleaning the stroller because it was a mess. Amy didn’t use it anymore, preferring to walk everywhere, so we decided to get it ready for the new baby. Katie was due to show up at any time. It was dark outside, but I can’t remember the time. Craig was out doing something for the Church, when my water broke. It was so unexpected, but so very exciting. I had to call Craig and tell him that we needed to go to the hospital. I wasn’t feeling any pains at the time, but I figured it would start soon. We got someone to keep Katie, and I wish I knew who. Maybe it is in my books somewhere. 

A favorite photo of Katie at about 4 months.
Can you see Katie in Finley and Kyler.
Katie was bigger than Amy at birth. She was so cute and chunky. Dr. Moore delivered her. He was my favorite doctor of the group. She also was born at the St. Francis Catholic Hospital in Birmingham. We stayed in the hospital three days, but it seemed like forever because I needed to get home.

Clowning around

Katie was our perfectionist. At two, we taught her to make her bed, and heaven help anyone who wrinkled the covers. Amy loved her to distraction. The first time we took her to Church, someone picked her up, and Katie started crying. Amy came running through the Sacrament room (which was just the largest room in the first phase of the newest Church building we had then). As Amy ran, she was yelling, “Stop hurting my sister.”

When she was 8, she became a Primary Missionary and often went out with the Sister Missionaries and baby sat investigators’ children while they taught the adults. She was a great missionary.
Now, on to the mission:
Wednesday was a quiet day. Because our District Leaders went to the Temple yesterday, our District meeting was moved to Wednesday. It was a good meeting on effectively finding investigators. We learned that as important as it is to find with the Spirit, it is just as important to teach by the Spirit. Our young missionaries spend a lot of time praying, studying, and seeking to find those who are ready to hear the Gospel. Once they are found, it is important that the missionaries seek and use the Spirit in their teaching. The Lord wants us to rely on the Spirit to talk with those who want to listen.

Afterwards, we had our first talk with Rosa, who is responsible for the German Festival. Is it crazy that we are about to start festival summer? So fun. We are planning on using our missionaries again, and they are getting excited about being involved. So many good people live in Wisconsin. Many are interested in their families, and we love to help them and tell them about the importance of families.

Thursday, Anden’s birthday. Wait – how in the world did his birthday come about already? It is funny to see pictures of him and realize that he really is growing up. He gives us that look like – “Really, grandma, are you for real.” Love to tease him.
We took Victor to the Library to work on his family history. He is going great guns and doing some good work. We are hoping that soon he will be able to go to the Temple for the first time. That will be so wonderful.
Anden at 2.

Friday found us taking Omar out to buy food. We had an appointment with the missionaries to help someone with their family history, but it fell through. It turned out to be a slow day.

Saturday was our P-day, but we ended up with Denise for much of the morning and then it was off to another appointment that afternoon.

Sunday, we had to get up early to pick Denise up from her father’s house here in West Allis and take her to Church. It was windy, but the snow was melting so it was slushy and nasty. After Church, we walked to the Spanish Elders about helping them in the Spanish Branch. Then we had to take both Victor and Denise home, so it was a long day by the time we got home.

Monday, we took off to Mars Castle Cheese store in Kenosha. We hadn’t been there, and everyone said it was fun to visit. It was a big store with lots of trinkets. They had a bakery with the usual desserts and breads. There was a small café which offered a cheese sandwich for almost $10. Little too expensive for our tastes, but the missionaries from that area were there. It was fun to watch them, and we enjoyed being in their company. When P-day rolls around, sometimes you can see the teenagers that they are, and it makes you have to look twice to recognize the young man who the next day will be your leader.
Found the Missionaries at Mars Castle. Fun!

We found where Santa keeps his reindeer during the summer.
That night we were taking the missionaries and Victor out to our favorite fish, BBQ, and hot wing place. On Mondays, they have wings at $0.29/ea. However, when we got there, it was closed. We rode around for 30 minutes looking for a place to eat, and ended up next to our apartment at a Thai place that we love. I’ll tell you a secret, don’t eat there at night. WOW, the costs were quite a bit more than we had expected.

On Tuesday, we had a meeting at the Mission Office to plan for transfers on Wednesday. We were in charge of a cleaning project. That means we had a list of the cleaning that needed to be done, and we were in charge of making sure it got done.

We went to the South Stake Center that afternoon and spent over three hours tutoring Pathway students. It is getting more detailed and in greater depth for the students, and they are working valiantly. I know they are counting down the weeks until this semester is over.  Haha

Our Scripture for this month comes from 2 Nephi 26:12-13 (actually, just the last few words from 12 and then all of 13):

“Jesus is the Christ, the Eternal God; and …. He manifesteth himself unto all those who believe in him, by the power of the Holy Ghost; yea, unto every nation, kindred, tongue, and people, working mighty miracles, signs, and wonders, among the children of men according to their faith.”

Love to all,
Elder and Sister Lenhard

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