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033 Tuesday to Tuesday (Dec. 3-9, 2014)

This was a busy week. It’s funny how some weeks really keep us going, while others tend to leave us to finding our way. We have decided to try to help the Branch by locating an inactive family a week and seeing if we can visit with them. I hope this works out. There are some shady places in our area, so we have to make sure we visit only in the daytime. Hopefully, we will be successful in finding them.

On Wednesday, we went to Denise’s to take her to Toys for Tots to register for Christmas.  She will get toys for her kids from this group as well as toys from the addiction group who works with her. She just got a small inheritance, and she will be buying a car. That will be really nice. She will be less dependent on others.

Craig had to get a haircut because we had a special luncheon we would be attending on Thursday, so I sent him off to that. It is amazing to me that he finally will let a woman other than myself cut his hair. The lady does a good job, and she is a talker. Fits in with us. Hahaha

Thursday we got up and spent the morning trying to get ready for the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee. It was to be held at the Italian Community Center located close to the fairgrounds where all the festivals are held. We didn’t know what to expect, and we found it was a really good meeting. This group was involved in the Sihks 5K fun held in the fall where we met lots of people involved in different faiths. The group promotes our getting to know and understand what others believe and look for commonalities among us. I sat at a table with a Jew, a Nun, a woman United Methodist Minister, an Unitarian, and two retired Catholic workers (husband and wife). There was a moderator at our table and she asked a question to each of us. We could give our answers, but we weren’t allowed to comment on any of the answers given by anyone else. There were several awards given out to people who do lots of service for the community.  

Elder Lenhard also sat at a table with people of different faiths. One, Jewish, got the question about how her faith influenced her everyday life. She couldn’t come up with an answer. Another, a professed Christian, was asked about the afterlife. Turns out she didn’t believe in an afterlife and didn’t feel it was necessary to worry about one. WOW, I guess I have taken it for granted that if they professed to being a member of a particular faith, they could answer both of these questions.  Guess not!

We went early to the Ward building where we have Pathway on Thursday. We took our Mexican Nativity scene to include in the ones that will be shown for an activity on Friday and Saturday. We asked the Armstrongs to meet us there so we could have a good Missionary opportunity.

Afterwards, we had Pathway. We love these students so much. They are so good to be in class with, hard workers, and they have the experience in life that helps them recognize the importance of an education. We are so blessed to work with them.  We only have a couple of classes left for this semester. We are hoping all will register for the next semester.

On Friday, we went to the library with Denise and actually introduced her to Family Search and got her started. I don’t think she was excited about it, and after about 45 minutes she began making noises about needing to get home for something else. She had gotten her parent's information up, and we began on the grandparents. She didn’t know much about them, but we started with her mother’s side. At first we couldn’t find anything on Family Search, so we went to Ancestry and found her grandmother’s birth and death dates. Once she found that and their places of birth and death, she was ready to continue. I told her that we could wait until another time, but she suddenly realized we could stay a little longer. I was excited to watch her open up to the work. Hopefully, this won’t be our last time working together on her family.

That night, we met the Armstrongs to see the Nativity scenes. It was like being in Paradise. I saw at least three scenes that made me feel the evil feelings of envy by wanting them very badly. Beautiful, beautiful!  I really like my Mexican one made from cornhusks. Now, all I need is the Creche (I think that is the building – right?)
I really want one like this!
Made from a gourd

Saturday, we got up early because we were taking some Missionaries to the Chicago Temple because a couple they had been instrumental in teaching were getting sealed. We had to use the Mission President’s car because ours could not take three big young men. They were all Spanish speakers (one was Mexican), so that’s what they spoke the entire way to the Temple. It is really disconcerting when you have young men behind you laughing and laughing, and you aren’t in on the joke. Elder Lenhard and I took names to the Temple for a Sister who is physically unable to take them herself. I was hoping we could get our own names ready, but she had a greater need at the time. I hope our relatives realize that we will take care of them as soon as possible. Maddie and Zach, there are names for you to take to the Temple.

On the way home, we stopped at the couple’s home (it was getting dark), and it meant we had to leave the interstate and travel another 20 miles that we had not expected to do. President Cutler was expecting us to get back because he had to go north about 40-50 miles after we got home. I, also, had to get to the Church and pick up my Nativity scene by 8:00. We arrived at the home and ended up eating some really good Mexican tacos and hot wings, and there was a cake to die for.  We had to force the Missionaries to leave and by the time we got to President Cutler’s home to pick up our car and unpack his, he was a little unhappy with us. We scurried out of there as fast as possible. We had to take one of the Missionaries over to a Ward building to be picked up by his companion and another set of Missionaries. We went by to get my Nativity scene, and they were cleaning up the place as I went in. Good timing!
Sweet couple we got to see sealed in Temple.

Three missionaries (two in white shirts, one red head) we took to the Temple).

Sunday was a great day as usual. We still have only Sacrament and Priesthood/Relief Society at this time. After the end of the year, something is going to happen with the Branch. Whether we are disbanded and moved to other groups, or the lines are redrawn and other groups are brought into our unit, we don’t know. It will be good to get back to our normal schedule.  We took a member home after Church. It is good to be able to help people in small ways.

One of the speakers spoke of the Gospel reminding us of a quote by President Monson:  The Gospel is that penetrating light that makes of every hopeless dawn a joyful day. I love that.

Monday night we were messing around getting some things done, when Elder Lenhard asked me when we were supposed to go visit a Smith family. He is in medical school here; she is a nurse in the emergency department of a local hospital and pregnant. They are gifted musicians. He took music as a minor at BYU, and she has studied quite a bit. She plays the violin, and he takes the piano. Since they have been here the last four months, they have made quite a mark in the Branch. They love to help, and they are so upbeat and really good people.

We rushed out the door and got to their house only about 25 minutes late. We got to work with them on Family Search and were able to show them several things. They had accounts set up, but there were some questions we helped them with and showed them some easy ways to do different things. This is great work. 

This past week we were finishing the scriptures in 3rd Nephi. I’ve never read the Book of Mormon so fast before. In some respects, it helps keep up with the action, and I don’t have to review as often.  hahaha

Our Scripture for the December is 2 Nephi 25:26 –
            And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, 
            and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source 
            they may look for a remission of their sins.

Elder and Sister Lenhard

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