Thursday, October 2, 2014

 In the last session of the genealogy workshop at West Bend, I had an usual experience. In fact, I only recall having one similar experience and that was in 1972 when I received my patriarchal blessing. I will be brief:

 The presentation was on the topic of how to involve your children and family members in family history and genealogy.  It was well-organized and fun. Two young ladies who were sitting directly in front of me, 8-10 were happily taking notes. (Imagine that!)

I sat toward the back; there were some rows behind me but they were empty. At first.  Several minutes into the presentation I realized that others had come in and were sitting behind me, but I hadn’t seen or heard them enter.  They were there and they were quiet. In fact, so quiet that when I finally turned around to see who they were, the seats were empty! Several minutes passed and they were behind me again. They were there until the close of the presentation.

While there is more to the story, I will conclude with this: When we are involved in family history, even something as simple as learning how to be more effective in the work, the veil is sometimes very thin. I know we can sense our fathers and mothers attending if we are faithful!

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