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022 Tuesday to Tuesday (Sept. 17-23)

I cannot believe I am having to start this AGAIN.  I had most of it done but had not saved (Ugh!) and lost it. I really hate it when I do stupid stuff like that.

On Wednesday, we went to Pat’s (a nonmember whom I’m helping upload her family history) and worked for three hours. I was tired, and Elder Lenhard had spent the time talking with her husband about stocks and how to make money. We left and stopped at our famous burger place before going home. Once there we had just enough time to rest before we headed out to Denise’s for a lesson on the Restoration. It is the first of her post-baptism lessons. I got to give that one, and Elder Lenhard will be on call for the next. That afternoon, we spent time on individual projects and mine included scanning more of Pat’s materials.

Thursday was really busy. We were trying to gather some Spanish forms for Family History to take with us Sunday to the Spanish Branch where we would be helping with a Family History class. There is another senior couple here and both speak Spanish so they will be giving the lesson. We just wanted to have some of the materials so that the new members (which we have been asked to work with) would know what to do. We had called the Spanish woman who enlisted our help with the Mexican Fiesta and asked her if she had some papers we could use so we waited that morning for her to bring them to us. She is such a unique and exciting person. If you needed anything done and she could do it, I don’t think she would hesitate to help. She dresses like a girly girl in beautiful bright colors, yet she is at home on the back of a motorcycle and loves to do things you wouldn’t expect.

Our first class meeting.
Afterwards, we spent the afternoon preparing for the first Pathway class that night. Elder Lenhard was kicking it off and I would teach. After that night, the students themselves will teach the rest of them. Each class we have a new lead student and an observing student. The observing student will be the teacher for the next week. We have to make sure the students have done the work they need to do on Wednesday before class and then the work they need to complete by Saturday following the class. We have nothing to do with grades, but we just keep up with what they are doing in case we see them falling behind and can encourage them to do what they need to do to pull themselves up. As it turned out, the class was wonderful. We have 13 students age 31+. They have strong testimonies although it is obvious that some of them do not have as good a self-concept as others so they are shy at believing in themselves. However, they have a strong desire to do their best, and we are excited about working with them. Three of the students are Spanish speakers – they speak English, but it is not their native tongue. They stayed very close to one another, and we teased them about having to break apart when we do group time. One is the RS President of the Spanish Branch and another is her counselor. We have actually been with the Missionaries and gone to eat with the counselor. She is a marvelous Sister in the Gospel. The third sister had been really hard to get hold of before, and she appeared to be the most reluctant. I hope she enjoyed it and will stick to it, but I don’t feel very confident about it at this point.

 The next day, Friday, we had to go to Pat’s again, and while I felt pretty good and had my cough under control when we got there, after two hours I had to call it quits. I was beginning to lose it and needed to leave and stop talking. It was too early to stop at our burger place, so straight home we went. That afternoon it was off to Denise’s for her second lesson, which Craig taught and he used some videos from the new lessons for the Plan of Salvation. It was really good. Afterwards, we went to help someone buy food for the next two weeks.

We got home and tried to get to bed early because on Saturday we had to go to West Bend for a Family History Workshop. We wanted to see a workshop being conducted because on the 27th we will be attending one that we have something to do with, we aren’t sure what yet. Anyway, we set the alarm at 6:15 so we could leave the house around 7:00 because we had been told it would take two hours to get there. In the morning, after dragging around like two old people who had not gotten enough sleep (I must be getting out of the habit of waking at 5:00 every morning), we got out of the apartment around 7:15. By the time I got the GPS going with the address, I told Elder Lenhard it was only going to take 30 minutes to get there. He looked up the directions and found out that we were going to be really early, and for a moment, we contemplated returning to the apartment and sleeping another 40 minutes. However, our better brains decided that we would play the tourist and see what we could see on the way. We knew we weren’t too far from the town when we took a detour and off into the country we went. We love driving through the country here. The further north we went, the more the trees had changed, and we were delighted to see that the reds, yellows, and oranges were out in all their glory. The red maples have turned a dark, dark, maroon-like color, and the silver maples are just that, silver, silver. We accidently ended up on the road we were looking for and drove right by the Church when we saw no one was there yet. We went into town to discover that West Bend has the second largest farmer’s market in the state
This was at the beginning, and it goes on for several blocks.
(behind Madison). Wow, we saw plants I’ve never seen before. Have you ever seen a Brussel sprout plant? It has a middle stalk that is quite thick, and then there are these branches coming off the stalk, but the branches had been cut short so they were about 3-6 inches long (it looked like a spike with sharp points sticking out all over it). I was told that the branches were long when growing and had big leaves on the end so the plant looks like a bush. The sprouts themselves are stuck on the stalk up next to where the branches grow. I had to look at it several times before I even knew what it was. How could I be so old and not know how these grew? I was relieved when my sweetie didn’t know either.  Thought I had gotten a picture, but evidently I didn’t (actually, I think Elder Lenhard took the picture and now can’t find it). 

Window Front Seeking Helpers for Troubled Youth
City Hall

Art gallery

Wide streets and you can see the damage of the hard winters.

 West Bend is another beautiful town, well kept, and clean; they have done a good job preserving the old buildings and maintaining their usefulness. We were so impressed. We had to leave to finally get to the workshop, but we vowed to go again. The workshop was great, and Elder Lenhard can tell you      about a special experience he had there. 

 In the last session of the genealogy workshop at West Bend, I had an usual experience. In fact, I only recall having one similar experience and that was in 1972 when I received my patriarchal blessing. I will be brief:

 The presentation was on the topic of how to involve your children and family members in family history and genealogy.  It was well-organized and fun. Two young ladies who were sitting directly in front of me, 8-10 were happily taking notes. (Imagine that!)

I sat toward the back; there were some rows behind me but they were empty. At first.  Several minutes into the presentation I realized that others had come in and were sitting behind me, but I hadn’t seen or heard them enter.  They were there and they were quiet. In fact, so quiet that when I finally turned around to see who they were, the seats were empty! Several minutes passed and they were behind me again. They were there until the close of the presentation.

While there is more to the story, I will conclude with this: When we are involved in family history, even something as simple as learning how to be more effective in the work, the veil is sometimes very thin. I know we can sense our fathers and mothers attending if we are faithful!

  I learned a couple of new things I needed to know; but I spent my time actually working on my history once I got an idea I could try out. It was time well spent, and we met some great people. One of the missionaries there was named Elder Pew. Elder Lenhard asked if he had relatives in Houston, and he said his aunt and uncle live there. His aunt and uncle were in our ward in Columbus for several years. She was our RS President for a good while, and she was great. It surely is a small world.

Meeting Elder Pew

Sunday, off we traipsed (I love using fun words – I hope I’m using the right ones – hahaha) to the Spanish Branch. We had asked the Spanish Missionaries to call all the new members and give them a special invite to be there because we are trying to get them to do their work. None of them came, and that was a little disheartening. But, the lesson was well done (not that we could understand a word), but everyone appeared to be uplifted and enjoyed it. They have a Temple trip planned for the next Saturday. When we asked for a show of hands on those who had done Family Search, the majority raised their hands. Most indicated they had taken their family names to the Temple. These people are good people and are working for their families.  Again, we felt the Spirit so strongly during their meeting, and it didn’t matter that we couldn’t understand their words. We could understand the Spirit.

Now, Monday was P-day. We love P-day because we get to explore just because. So, we picked Port Washington as our destination point. That morning we went to the gym first. Then we made some phone calls to check up on things for the week. It was early afternoon by the time we got started, and we had to be back by 6:30 to meet with the Armstrongs and the Missionaries. The drive was in country we hadn’t seen before, although we did pass by the exit to Cedarburg that we had visited before. We just hadn’t taken this route before. When we got to the city, we were so impressed. Downtown, there are no parking meters because they want to preserve the feel of the old city. While everything was so clean, neat, and just inviting to the visitor, it was obvious that there is a lot of pride in these historic places. We pulled up to a parking place, and I looked out my window to see a woman walking by me, or so I thought, but then I realized she wanted to talk. She asked if our car was a rental or if we were really from Utah. She knew all about our missionaries and at one point she said they had sent them on to others (we couldn’t tell if that was an insult or not), but she was so friendly. She is an avid genealogist, and she talked a lot about her work and how she loves it. She told us about the town, and she pointed out where we could get a good fish dinner. She welcomed us wholeheartedly, and it was genuine. It made our trip even more enjoyable.

After she left, we started up the street. You can see in the picture that at the head of the street, it curved around to the left, and to the right on a hill was a beautiful Catholic Church. We decided to walk up to 
St. Mary's in the background
St. Mary's Catholic Church

the top of the hill and see the Church up close. St. Mary’s Catholic Church has been placed on the list of historic buildings, but we could find no date on it anywhere. It was beautiful inside and out. On the hill where it sat, you could see out to the Lake and it was really something. We walked around, and there was such a feeling of reverence as we walked from the Church back under the trees that shaded the steps leading to the road. The sky was this amazing blue color, and as we started down, we could see Lake Michigan in the distance. Our hearts were full at the beauty of it all. The song that came to my mind was “Be Still My Soul” and it was such a feeling of lightness and peace. I told Elder Lenhard that when surrounded by so much beauty, I could not imagine being with anyone else, and that was but a taste of what the Celestial Kingdom will be like.
                                                Be still, my soul: The hour is hast’ning on
Looking out to the lake
                                                When we shall be forever with the Lord,
I love this picture, so peaceful.

Truly, the hour is hastening on, and how fast it goes all depends on our perception. The Lord loves us so much, and I truly felt that we had glimpsed a moment of Heaven. Every one of you has at some time seen something so beautiful that it took your breath away. Wow, what a feeling.
Beautiful, different looking building
Looking down the street


Port Washington Harbor

Lake Michigan
Fun facts about the lake

Fresh fish is their bragging right
Another unique building

We had a great meeting with the Armstrongs that night, and we were blessed to be there with the Sister missionaries. We love this couple, and we would love to have you pray for them that Sister Armstrong will be able to overcome her fear of being baptized. She goes to Church every Sunday and is more faithful than some members. She needs to be able to recognize the Spirit when He whispers to her.

Tuesday was another great District Meeting. We love these Elders and Sisters. Young though they are, they have much to teach us old people, and it is a joy listening and being taught by them. They are out there every day looking for those who will listen. It is not easy, and often they are disappointed by those who will not keep their commitments. We pray for them every night that they will be successful in finding those who are seeking truth. We have been going with the Elders to visit Victor who has committed to baptism on the 27th. We won’t get to go to the baptism because we have a presentation on Family History to do in Burlington, and we won’t get back into town in time. There is a baptism of a young Spanish man on the 27th also. The first time we went to the Spanish Branch, we got to go pick him up for Church. His parents are inactive members, but he wants to join and has a testimony of the truth. That is wonderful news.

Our discussion at the District meeting was on the Christlike attribute of humility – willingness to submit to the Lord, give Him honor for all blessings, thinking of others before yourself, acknowledging need for the Lord’s help. The enemy of humility is pride – manifested in the lack of obedience and a refusal to admit our sins.

May we again say how grateful we are for our mission in Wisconsin. The Lord truly has sent us on an international mission in our own backyard. We love it here and can feel the Lord’s hand in the work. Take care and remember we think of all of you and pray for you each day.

Our scripture for October is from Doctrine & Covenants 20:37:

And again, by way of commandment to the church concerning the manner of baptism—All those who humble themselves before God, and desire to be baptized, and come forth with broken hearts and contrite spirits, and witness before the church that they have truly repented of all their sins, and are willing to take upon them the name of Jesus Christ, having a determination to serve him to the end, and truly manifest by their works that they have received of the Spirit of Christ unto the remission of their sins, shall be received by baptism into his church.

Elder and Sister Lenhard


  1. Those areas - the buildings, towns, and neighborhoods - have serious character. From the movies (or that city hall as a haunted house)...Is there much new blood or growth up there?

    1. I don't think there is much new blood or growth here. It is too cold for most people and so land is kept in the family.