Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday to Tuesday (July 29-Aug. 4)

I’m starting this writing early. It is so hard to hold Elder Lenhard back with the pictures so we can place the pictures with the text. So I proceed, but before I do I want to go back to last week and give a shout-out to Kyler who turned a big whopping two. If you have seen any pictures of her lately, you will know that there is no way that girl is two. She is really a small person in disguise. She is a little Finley which means she is a little Katie. How I would love to hold that little girl. She looks so happy in every picture, laughing with all her might. We love it.

Tuesday the 29th: We had a District meeting at 1:00, with just enough time in the morning to run to Costco. The store is 20-30 minutes away. How we love that store, although now that I’m more aware than ever of its liberal tendencies, I hate every penny I spend there.  Hahaha  There are so many goodies to find there that I could look and look. Thank goodness we don’t buy all that we find. Silly, I know, but there you have it. Come on, confess! You know you love Costco’s nonsense. I am going to Sam’s more than ever since it is closer.

Anyway, back to my commentary. I bought a cream cheese cake to celebrate my birthday as well as Elder Lenhard’s and an Elder who is leaving to go home at the end of this month. He is a good Elder, and I believe he is worrying too much about going home. He wants to go, but lots of changes have happened while he has been out. It will not be the same when he gets back to Arizona.

We had our meeting and felt a really sweet spirit while there. I’m constantly amazed at the young missionaries and their leadership in the Church. Our lesson was on recognizing the concerns of the investigator. If we read the Book of Mormon, we will find the truth. We never have to apologize for our testimony of the Book.

After the meeting, we went home for a little while and then at 6 we went to Denise’s to read the scriptures. She has come so far. She had an eyebrow piercing and a tongue piercing. She asked the missionaries earlier in the week what the Church believed about tattoos and piercings. The Elder who is leaving soon told her, if you have tattoos, don’t get anymore. Piercings – take them out. She then proceeded to remove the piercings. When we saw her that evening, she looked like a much younger girl than she had with the piercings. She giggled like a little one and was so proud that she had done what the Lord asks of her. If she hadn’t asked, no one would have said anything, but she wanted to know.

Wednesday (30th) – Elder Lenhard had to go to the doctor’s to get his second hepatitis shot. It is interesting how every doctor appears to have a different interpretation of these shots. When we got the first one before going into the MTC, Elder Lenhard got a combination hepA/hepB shot. We were told he could have another one by June. When we were in the MTC, he was scheduled to get another one (earlier than we had been told before), but the schedule was messed up and we were told he could just wait until the summer. The doctor here told us that they did not have the combination shot, and Elder Lenhard could have one but not the other. She indicated we were late with the second shot (B) – it should have been done two months after the first one. However, she consented to give the second one. He can have the next shot in a couple of months. I have an appointment with them on the 28th to get my last HepA shot. I’ve had the B series a long time ago.

After we left the doctor’s office, it was back to the apartment to get some things done. We had to organize the materials for the Sikh 5k run that is run by the Interfaith Council that was organized after six Sikh were murdered while they were in their Temple here in Milwaukee. The Council works to bring better understanding among the different groups – not just religious groups but atheists and others. We have been asked by President Cutler to work at this activity to meet people and make friends – our talent. We were excited about the assignment. We began to get materials together by going to the genealogy library to gather pages they had to help us present our Family History program. It was an opportunity to also have materials on hand about the Church.

I remembered that I had a form that I had forgotten to take to the doctor to check one box and sign his name to show that Elder Lenhard’s diabetes is under control and not in danger of affecting his driving. We have to fill out this form every year for the driver’s bureau in Utah. The office never indicated I’d have to wait forever. I called that afternoon, not done.  I would have to take it back to them in the morning.

For the end of the day, we worked with the new head of the Pathway program in making plans for the Pathway program, checking our enrollment figures, and discussing our options. There may be a need for an ESL component, but we are not sure. We have 11 people signed up now. We need 15.

On Thursday, we took the medical form to the doctor’s office and told them we would check back later.  We headed to Kenosha, a 45 minute drive south of Milwaukee.  It was a beautiful drive. We had to teach a senior couple who are assigned to a Spanish Branch as Family History Consultants. We had an appointment and were there by 9:00. They told us they only had one hour to meet. Not knowing what they could do, we got started and found out they do not have a clue how to use Family Search nor do they know about Ancestry.com. I’m not sure the Brother has much experience with a computer. It was slow going. His wife was a little better.

After we left Kenosha for our travel home, we decided we would return on Sunday because we had made no headway in setting an appointment to come and discuss the Pathway program with the Kenosha Ward. I’d called and called the Bishop but got no response. Then I texted and emailed, but no luck. Elder Lenhard emailed a counselor, but we were in Colorado when he responded and we missed a chance to talk with him.

The Kenosha Ward Building
With that in mind, we stopped at a place called Apple Holler. They make the best eclairs (Long Johns) ever. We had lunch there, but we were not as pleased with our lunch salads as we had been before with the breakfast buffet we had gotten the last time we went to the Temple. However, we enjoyed walking around and seeing the goats. Last time they were walking across a bridge above the area. I wish we had gotten a picture of it for the kids, and maybe we will eventually. This time they were just sitting on the ground. Ugh! I wonder why they wouldn’t perform when we wanted it.

I called the doctor’s office about the form.  It was not ready.

Friday (Aug. 1) – Does anyone else find it unbelievable that it is August? Where in the world is the time going?  We went to the home of the head librarian for the Family History library. She is a wonderful lady! She had made many copies for the display we were using on Sat. for the 5k run. Their family is quite wealthy. One conversation between the wife and a friend went like this, “My husband spent the weekend buying another farm. I told him that I want to trade in our pontoon boat and buy a bigger boat. He told me ‘No.’” I wanted to close my mouth as she spoke so casually about buying another farm and her wanting a boat. When we went to their house (we have been there before), we got all our forms. No one would ever know that they had money. Their home is very simple, and it is an older home. They bought it because someone had added a garage for 4-5 cars; plus, there were several other buildings he could use for storage. They collect antiques and a little of everything else. It is fascinating just looking around. They have six boats on top of everything else. They are down to earth and very willing to help you without making you feel like you are an irritant. My kind of people.

I called the doctor’s office about the form. I asked if it could be done by end of the day and they said they would try. I call that afternoon – guess what – the doctor doesn’t work in the afternoon.  I ask how long we should give the doctor to do something like this, and I‘m told 24-48 hours. I tell them I’ll call Monday morning when it will then be 48 hours.


Saturday (2nd) – We head out to the 5k MEMORIAL RUN around 7:00AM. We wanted to be there early and weren’t sure of where we were going. Did I mention that I got a new GPS (which Elder Lenhard hates as much as the old one)? It does appear to be sending us in all kinds of places. It is odd how most of the places are scenic. I love it because I don’t want to leave here without seeing everything I can. Elder Lenhard does not agree with the scenic routes. I have to keep reminding him to appreciate the sites around us.

The activity was fun. We had so few ask or talk to us about Family History, but we made some new friends. We had two Elders and two Sisters with us.




President Cutler did not want us to be there to preach the Gospel, he wanted us to make friends. Our part in the booth had us sitting next to a Muslim lawyer on the left and the Buddhist group on the right. The CHRISTIAN COPTIC CHURCH (Egyptians) were catty-corner to us. There was a group there that sponsored runs to raise money to help fight hunger. The interfaith group has meetings and dinners where they share their views in a nonthreatening atmosphere. No one is allowed to attack anyone else for their beliefs. I have to say that those we met and talked with were very nice people. We took the time listening to them and getting to know about their activities. We hope to be involved with the group again.  After the run was over, we were served food prepared by the Sikhs. There was a dessert that looked like a golden pretzel that went round and round. It was made with chickpeas and dipped in honey and tasted so good. Elder Lenhard also ate beans and rice.

Following the activity, we decided to visit Holy Hill Catholic Basilica. You can see the pictures here. It was wonderful. So peaceful with lots of visitors. We walked to the top. Really narrow stairs and scary walk up, up, up. Lots of cut outs for windows, but no windows are present. Beautiful scenery outside, it was unbelieveable. We loved it. Elder Lenhard got to talk with the Monk there at length about their beliefs- especially about their veneration of the Virgin Mary. It was built for Decalced Carmellites. Evidently, they were barefoot Monks. We had been told by many people around Milwaukee that we should go see it.  We love driving through the country here. When we left, I got a couple of pictures of a doe and her two fawns. It was perfect, of course, I was looking for a bear! Haha  When we told others that we had gone, we were told to come back in September when the trees are changing colors. We can’t wait.







Sunday (3rd) – We took off to Kenosha and arrived just in time. There must have been 250 people there, and they told us this was a low attendance. They have 600 members, and usually have many more who attend each Sunday.  The testimonies were just what we needed. Afterwards, we grabbed a Counselor and asked if we could make arrangements to come and make a presentation about the Pathway program.  He asked if we wanted to do it then (Elder Lenhard in Priesthood and me in Relief Society). Then we went to Sunday School, and I want you to know I’ve never set through a Sunday School class that was so mesmerizing. The teacher was fabulous. I was talking to a Sister later about it, and she said the teacher had been working there for a long time. He expects everyone to study for the class. We just kept thinking that if we hide enough he won’t ask us anything. We didn’t have to worry because everyone was volunteering very intelligent answers. The lesson was on Elijah and Elias. If you haven’t studied the scriptures about these prophets, you should do so. I walked away with this thought. If we are prepared, we need not fear. Elder Lenhard and I wanted to hide because we didn’t want to be questioned and show that we didn’t know the lesson. If we had prepared, we would have felt confident in facing that Sunday School teacher. It is the same with the Lord. If we have spent our lives preparing to meet our Father, we will be confident in facing Him at the end.

As if that wasn’t be enough of a spiritual uplift, the Relief Society lesson was on Elder Bednar’s 2005 General Conference talk on “Tender Mercies.” How often have we been the recipient of Father’s tenderness to us when we are watched over, protected, listened to, and guided to do what we need to do in this life? I know I have been guilty of taking it for granted when things happen that I cannot explain and yet my life has been changed for the better because of it. I am much more aware of the need to stop and listen to the answers to our prayers. It is easy to ask, but it is much harder to listen for the answers. One morning we had gotten up and needed to be somewhere at a scheduled time. As we were making efforts to leave, Elder Lenhard couldn’t find the car keys and I couldn’t find a paper that I had in my hands just minutes before. We had already had morning prayer, but we were impressed to get on our knees again and pray for help in finding the things we needed. As we stood up, each of us moved to the place we had been prompted to search and the items were found. Such a simple thing, yet it was necessary for us to fulfill our mission for that day. When you get older like us, you tend to forget more things, and believe me when I say it is very frustrating. It is a great relief to know that Father is watching over us and wants to help if we but ask. Now, I know this is such a simple example of what He does for us. There are obviously much greater problems that we could face, and many people do face extremely great problems in their lives. Men are that they might have joy. Father’s plan is that we will come to this earth and find joy in learning all that we must learn to return to Him. He never told us that this meant we would not be challenged, because it is through our challenges that we learn. He never told us it would be easy, because learning correct principles can be very hard. But we have been told that if we will be obedient we will find joy, not to be confused with silly, funny, laughout loud fun, but joy which is the peace that comes with the presence of the Holy Ghost. When we feel that joy, our whole being swells with an explicable feeling of completeness. Our awareness is heightened, and we see beyond our earthly sight to the possibilities that await us after this life. Tender mercies are granted to us when we seek them. If you haven’t read Elder Bednar’s talk since 2006, look it up on your digital device and read it again. It will help you find gratitude in your heart today.

Monday (4th) - I called the doctors today and was told I could talk to the nurse. They transferred me to an answering machine. I explain nicely that we really need that form. It has been 48 hours, and it is important that we get it. The nurse calls back and won’t talk to me. She tells Elder Lenhard that it is always 72 hours before we should get a paper like this back, but the paper is ready. I have to keep remembering that I am on a Mission for the Lord. I must not get angry over the stuff that just frustrates me. I’m trying to remember that saying that everyone used a few years ago, “What would Jesus do?” He certainly wouldn’t get angry over silly nonsense. So I have this (among many other things) to work on.

After we picked up the form, we took off for the Third Ward downtown. It is a part of town built by the Italians. At one point, most of this part of the city was burned to the ground. They rebuilt it. Now it is an area of eclectic shops including furniture and clothing. There was a shop named Recique, Recique, Recique. It sounded upscale. We went in and found it to be a Goodwill store. I found a pair of shoes for $10.  But guess what? It was a half-price sale today. It was only $5. YEAH. They were just flats and look great. I guess Goodwill is worth looking into every now and then.

We ate lunch at the Milwaukee Public Market. It was a huge place that had many little food markets inside. The candy counters were in the center. Believe me, I looked at them longingly for quite a while, but I withstood the temptation.



It was still early in the day so we went to the Marquette University campus to find the Joan of Arc Chapel that had been brought there 50 or so years ago. It really isn’t her Chapel, but it was built in rural France around the time she lived. During WWI, it was almost destroyed and then left to ruin for many years. There was a very wealthy woman in New York who traveled the world and while in France, she found the ruins. Her father was the money source, and she was the apple of his eye because she wanted the Chapel, and it was brought to New York. She was building a house that looked like a bastille, and she attached the Chapel to the bastille.  I believe she was going to get married and a couple of months before the wedding and their moving into the house fire destroyed everything but the Chapel.

We walked in and set down at the front of the Chapel. A little lady who was bent over (she later told us she was 92) came out and asked if we wanted a tour. What a fabulous woman! She told us about everything in the Chapel. I couldn’t even begin to repeat what she said, but she gave us a booklet that I will read and tell you more about at another time. Just about everything in the Chapel is from the 12th to the 18th centuries. Each piece has a story. Not all of the pieces were a part of the original Chapel, but most, again, are several hundreds of years old. This place is fascinating.  She showed us a door frame where the doors had actually been raised about 12+ inches to accommodate the height of modern man. Girls, all those romantic novels we read about tall aristocratic men in the old world is a lie. They were short. The original door frames were shorter than me.  Anyway, listening to this woman made me realize why I originally wanted to teach history. Too bad I had a terrible history professor (who was also my advisor) the first year of college.

As we talked, the woman who was showing us around (Nelda was her name) confided to us that she is the only non-Catholic who has been allowed to work in the Chapel. She also told us she has worked on her family history and has gone back far enough to find out one of her grandfathers was the man who sentenced Joan of Arc to death!  Nelda was so sweet and couldn’t have been more helpful. She has no one to pass her family history to, her husband must be dead, and it didn’t sound like she had children. She has never put her work online, but she has worked in one of our libraries. I told her if she needed help putting it in Family Search that I would be glad to help her. We are going to take the Sister Missionaries down there next week to see the Chapel and talk with her again.
Its late, and I’m getting this writing done early since my last was so late. We love you all. Take care and let us hear from you.  Got to go to bed.


  1. This was such a great read! Thank you for taking the time to write it. It looks like you are seeing and doing so many interesting things. We love you!

  2. I love love love the pictures and stories. It is beautiful and we'd love to come and visit you!