Friday, July 4, 2014


As a 4th of July day trip, we went north to city of 11,000 that is as charming as ANY city we have ever visited! Settled by Germans and Irish in the 1840's because of the rich farmland, roaring creeks and limestone for buildings. The city is Cedarburg!

We sought opportunities to share information about FAMILYSEARCH  and family history. We had a wonderful family history discussion with the great, great grand-daughter of one of the settlers, a Mrs. Fischer. What a sweet and tender lady.

Then we ran into two Sister Missionaries (quite by chance) that are in our Zone. I will share names later. According to the Sister Missionaries, there are several active members from Cedarburg, including a family that had a part in the building of the City Branch in the 1930's!

Sisters Zebley, Lenhard, and Osmond


  1. How far away is Cedarburg from where you are living? Looks lovely...

    1. Around 30 miles…30 minutes by Interstate and longer by city streets, You folks would love it!!!

  2. That place is gorgeous! I want to visit!